BNET nicks & gateways


Grumpy Old Grandpa
B.Net nicks & gateways

As these are the StarCraft forums, I believe people come here to play SC.

Therefore, you are all seeking people to play the game with.

Well, this thread will be for anyone that wants to do it, to post the nick and gateway they usually play at.

If you want, you can put also the type of games you prefer (UMS, melle, FFA, etc) and the maps you play most at and other stuff you want to.

Then you can add everyone in this thread to your friends list and message him on B.Net.

  • Nick: Aezrel.Thoryn
  • Gateway: Mostly US East, also Europe.
  • Favorite game type: UMS, but I also enjoy a good melle and a great Free For All :)
  • Favorite Map: Lost Temple
  • Type of player: Rusty medium-good.
  • AIM: TrongaMonga1985


  • Nick: tG.Vash-
  • Gateway: Europe
  • Favourite game type: UMS, but i can play Melee
  • Favourite Map: Lost Temple
  • Type of player: Chobo
  • Nick - RenzokukenSE
  • Gateway - US East
  • Favourite game type - Any
  • Favourite Map - UMS: LOTR, Melee: Lost Temple
  • Type of player - About as good, if not worse, than Tronga.


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  • Nick: sakuhta
  • Gateway: US East
  • Favourite game type: Melee, casual UMS
  • Favourite Map: (6)Lost Temple
  • Type of Player: Rusty Hasu


  • Nick: Dark_Lwek (US West - Used most), Evil_Lwek (US East - Last used Nov '03).
  • Gateway: US West
  • Favourite game type: UMS
  • Favourite map: Any UMS Defense
  • Type of player: Someone that can open a can of nothing
  • Other: I will rarely go on I will go on it when I'm bored and have nothing else to do. That happens once every couple weeks.


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  • Nick: Yuri-Petrova
  • Gateway: US East
  • Favourite type of game: Anything but love FFA's even though i stink at them
  • Favourite map: Lost Temple
  • Type of player: I am an out of the closet noob who is slowly getting better.

Crazy Demon

  • Nick: DarkCyborg91
  • Gateway: US East
  • Favorite type of game: UMS
  • Favorite map: (2)Showdown
  • Type of player: Fast & Furious with lots of micro
  • Other: I'm only really good at 1v1 maps. If it's a 2v2, I'm usually screwed ;). However, I can't really get on B.Net lately, so I might not be on.


  • Nick: exobyte, though I smurf as ancent and YouseiJackFrost

    [*]Gateway: US West, sometimes East when I get banned for flooding.

    [*]Favorite game type: UMS, though I play Melee sometimes.

    [*]Favorite Map: Mini Mass Carnage Arena.

    [*]Type of player: Hasu, maybe worse.


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Re: B.Net nicks & gateways

  • Nick: BlackVizjerei
  • Gateway: USEast
  • Favorite game type: Melee and UMS
  • Favorite Map: South Park Madness
  • Type of player: I just started, but am better than some noobs.


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  • Name: Asshat
  • Gateway: US East
  • Favorite game type: UMS or Melee, doesn't matter
  • Favorite map: UMS, any defence games. Melee, Lost temple
  • Type of player: Getting better


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  • Nick: n4ld2 (US East), newbie4lyfe (US West)
  • Gateway: US East & US West
  • Favorite game type: Melee, TvB, Blizzard maps only (no fastest, zero clutterz or any bs money maps)
  • Favorite Map: Lost Temple
  • Type of player: Medium-high


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  • Nick: FishDynasty2k3
  • Gateway: US East
  • Favorite Game Type: UMS
  • Favorite Map: RPG & Golems
  • Type of Player: Lets just say the computer gives me a good game


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  • Nickname: Rygon
  • Server: US East/US West, Asia on very rare occasions
  • Favorite Game Type: Melee
  • Favorite Melee Map: Worlds Smallest 8 Player :cool:
  • Favorite UMS Map: Fate & Destiny RpG
  • Type Of Player: Hasu :fwink:
  • Favorite Starcraft Unit: The fat polar bear one :)


  • Nick: RaidenMZX
  • Gateway: 95% East, sometimes just snooping 'round the others.
  • Favorite game type: Melee! But I play UMS very often, I usually only melee with friends and on request. Race wars with friends and clan members are also fun.
  • Favorite Map: Lost Temple, and BGH for Race Wars
  • Type of player: Random Race and Random Strategy.
  • Channel: Clan DsL, everything clan and hangout channel.


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  • Nick: Manticore16
  • Gateway: US East
  • Favorite game type: UMS or comp stomps ^^
  • Favorite Map: Money maps
  • Type of Player: l33t Protoss pwner


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  • Nick: stealthassissin (changing to phoenix2003 soon)
  • Gateway: US East (Right now)
  • Favorite type of game: Melee and FFA
  • Favorite map(s): sin gaema gowon/blade storm and most island maps
  • Type of player: Protoss and Zerg. Average


Post Djinn
Re: B.Net nicks & gateways

  • Nick: Raccoon
  • Gateway: USEast
  • Favorite game type: Melee
  • Favorite Map: The Lost Temple
  • Type of player: Chobo
  • AIM: RaccoonBF
  • Sex: none


Grumpy Old Grandpa
Well, actually Renzo remembered me something I forgot :)

Please edit your posts and write your AIM down as well. If you have one, of course. It'll be easier to combine games :)

Wing Zero

lol just as planned
  • B.Net: Wing-Zero[GW], mjas19114, Wing-Zero[DAE]
  • Gateway US East
  • Game type UMS
  • Favourite Map Seige Of Gondor/Mordor, LotR LA
  • Type of player UMS, Melee=Rusty