Bleach; is it recommendable?


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I didnt really even give this a try, ive only seen a few eps. But the few eps I did see turned me off. Its too kiddy-land for me.

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Bleach is kind of garbage for an anime since the Sou Society Arc. They need to keep making fillers because they're too close to the manga, which is far better, although nothing compared to One Piece. In general the manga is better than anime because you don't get any of that filler crap.


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I think bleach is a good anime, it has kept me busy for a while.
Imo, the first arc was the best. It's still good but it does get boring with the massive amount of fillers.

If you're going for an action anime, I would recommend watching One Piece over Bleach although both are very decent animes.


I have read Bleach manga on however, it seems like there has not been any ending part on that site, can anyone tell me where can i read the whole manga please?
thank you


Hello all,

My name is Calvin and I'm a new user of your community and I'd like to say that bleach is recomended to use if it's being used for clothes but to kept ata distance from minors , it's not safe can be harmful.

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Anyone noticed that this thread is really, really old? Necropost = bad >_<

But Bleach is a decent read/watch. One Piece has much more of a story going tho.

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Anything anime deserves death.



Bleach is recomendable as long as you use it only to wash clothes and not misuse it or leave it near children.


watched some episodes of it.From my point of view it is okay(not very good and not so bad).


watched some episodes of it.From my point of view it is okay(not very good and not so bad).
what!!! it is probably one of the best anime out there right now. It is soooooooooooo much better then one piece or naruto. Just give it another try, I'm sure you're going to love it like I did.


Well, the actually show is over now. But Bleach was a very mixed bag. When it's good, its GOOD. But when it sucks, it REALLY sucks. The series eventually ended because it was filled with far too much filler. Truthfully, it should have ended after Aizen's defeat. But they tried to drag on with it.