Zerg what needs to be done


1: Always make drones. For every 2 units should be at least one drone.
2: Have at least 50 drones mining.
3: Research burrow, the best detector.
4: Make sure that ling/hydra have speed.
5: Use spells, they don't give you hive for nothing.
6: I could go on, but time for my nap.
7: If you disagree, msg mja-k-d-0-g@us.east and we will play. I will prove you wrong and you will be disgraced.


i dont know, 50 is a bit much for a money map.

hey i remember u, i was gonna join your clan but i bsed you ^.^


50 is a lot of drones. There goes 25 more units gone. I usually have only 20 to 25 Drones on money maps.
Humm i play zerg alot.. i have prolly 25 drones on money.. and 3 in each extractor.. i seem to have plenty of money to upgrade 3/3 air and ground!


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Heh. You seem to think that you know alot Mr. `K~l)()G`. Unlike Terran and Protoss, the Zerg don't have to make as many buildings to make units. This means that they don't need as many drones harvesting. Watch some progamer replays. The Zerg don't constantly pump drones. Anyway, they couldn't if they wanted to, how are they going to make their attack units?


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yeah zerg cnt pump drones till later in the game, a little before terran and protoss slow their worker making


Zerg is meant for massing, so if you have 50 drones mining, then that only leaves 150 units for attacking, but if you only have 20-some units mining, then you have about 20 more units to annihilate.
A lotta zerg on money map go WAYYY overboard on drones in the beginning. I've seen people build massive hatches/sunkens/drones for the first 10 or 15 min. They get around 100 drones and then start to build an attack force. If I have an ally who does that, it will be a very boring game for him, because by then, i would already have a huge force of muta/lings pumping nonstop from my 8-10 hatches. I usually kill the ppl before my ally even gets to do anything. Massing drones in the beginning is a waste of time, and is a stupid strategy.

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ok, if this wasnt a money map, i would have to disagree alot, unless you have more than one base on a money map, which i tihnk is a waste of time.

i only play regular maps, even though i havnt played starcraft in a long time. i only have about 20 drones mining minerals per mineral field, and about 3 per gas pump...

dont waste your man power on drones, they cant save your life when your being attacked by a big army...and ther units can


I usually have the same for minerals n bout mybe 4-5 on the extractor, though i no its a bit of a waste as there is too many, gonna have to fix that one, how do yous feel about turnin hydra into a luker? do you use alot of them? ??:lucifer