Zerg vs Alien xenomorphs


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For one there are flying Xenomorphs , they change form depending on the creature the chestburster came from and in the original konami arcade game there was a boss called alien dragon also the xenomorphs on the oiginal planet were only one colony if as you say it was fully developed hive there would be hundreds of colonies on the planet and it would not be logical for a queen to go charging out suicidally to take out a giant beast that ould be taken care of by about 10-15 warriors (the majority of which distract it while a few (3 or more) jump/climb on it and kill it by crushing one on its head or neck). also seeing as it would take time t set up sufficient hatcheries to start a war, if at all the landng was noticed by the xenomorphs they wold go there and (seeing as the normal drones and warriors wouldn't be able to most likely take them alive and it would probably be done on some measure anyway) infect at least some of them with the help of carriers and kill the rest (which would be rutine preservation of the spicies)(atleast all they could manage becouse the first wave is small(from lack of coordination by the ruler(the most powerfull and largest queen who has been made ruler of the plant by ritual fighting of the other queens(i forget what she is called) and then the chestbursters would emerg and by the time they are grown the next wave may or may not have arived probably much larger and if the theory that the Queen has telepathic comunication with her children is true they wil be on there side (although they probably would already becouse of instinct to capture or kill hosts (a seen in alien) and it would continue like this untill all zergs are dead or reinforcements come.

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You added to the rage.
Aliens > Zerg


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You added to the rage.
I agree 110%


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You all realize that Tyran-Zergs and Terran and pretty much starcraft are just blatent rip offs of warhammer40K? Tyranids anyone? Aliens are actually original... Zergs are made by blizzard and they are massive rip offs.


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I had to register just to comment ^^

Mutalisks won't work inside Aliens' hive. And you must sacrifice many zerglings before a drone/warrior could die


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And yes there are flying xenomorphs see these:Flying Alien - Alien Species Wiki - Aliens, UFOs, Space aliens
Swarm Alien - Alien Species Wiki - Aliens, UFOs, Space aliens - that's enough to keep the mutalisks busy.

For the Ultralisk: Jock-Alien - Alien Species Wiki - Aliens, UFOs, Space aliens
And many more from here: Xenomorph - Alien Species Wiki - Aliens, UFOs, Space aliens

And if many mutalisk got facehugged, goodbye zerg advantage. For the Hydralisk, if the drones can get close enough, they can spit acid.


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a few things before this topic ends forever.

1.nano steel is TWICE as hard as dimonds!

2.think about alien bioligy, zerg and aliens whould probley just merge into one super ****ing mega baddass race of death machines+add trynids to that......humans are gonna have to evolve more places to be raped in!

3.and lastly even if the queen was slow and small in every movie to get to a queen u got to get though tunles full of baddass aliens and how the **** is an ultra supose to even fit inside an alien hive if its so freaking big!

well thats all i want to post, so ill see you all on sc and sc2 (coming in july!!!)


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Dunno if anyone would care to read, but maybe we should include the new zerg strains that will be added in SC2 into the discussion!

For example: Infestors! Their fungal growth can be used anywhere, and over a large area, which will be able to stop a group of xenos in place. It can be used on flying units, so even jumping or flying xenos would be caught! That will be very easy preys for hydra/roach/muta/broodlord. And it will take xenos quite a while to break free, since the fungal growth can even stop an ultralisk in place! And neural parasite....wonder if the xeno queen can be mind controlled! I mean, even the brilliant and psionic mind of a protoss high templar can be mind controlled by the infestor, I cant see how the queen would be immune to it.

Also, zerg has their new banelings and roach. Roach can burrow and regenerate very fast, healing from near death to fully healthy within seconds, and preventing xenos from hurting them while underground. Xenos would have a hard time killing the roaches.
Banelings will explode when xenos try to approach, or kill them. And the explosion radius is bigger than siege tank rounds, so its pretty significant.

And lastly, broodlord and corruptors! Broodlords can spawn unlimited number of broodlings to fight, so eventually the xenos will be overrun. And any flying xeno opposition will have to deal with the corruptors. Also, dont forget about scourge and devourers!

And why no one has ever mention the good old lurkers! They will be burrowed, out of harms way, and impaling any xenos that are on the ground. The xenos will not be able to hide from the lurkers, since they sense vibration on the ground to locate their targets. I doubt the xenos can even fight back against the lurkers too, since they arent design to fight underground enemies (lurkers can burrow over 100 feet underground, and their spine range is about 150 feet!). And the acid blood will have no effect on the lurkers spine that pops up from the ground, due to the fact that lurkers are the same strain as hydras and can regenerate their spines.

Also, since SC2, EVERY zerg ground breed can burrow, including ultralisks. Alien will not be the only one doing the ambushes here, since roach and infestor can move while burrowed! (And do xenos even have means to detect underground activities? They cant smell pheromones from zergs that are burrowed underground)

Lastly, I think most people here dont know that all zerg units have very fast regenerations (except roach, where it is super fast). They can regenerate whole lost limbs within minutes. So go back to the Ultralisk vs Xeno queen fight you guys mentioned. If the Ultra slashed the queen with its mandible, the queen will be wounded, while the ultra will stilll have 3 more mandibles (they have 4 now in SC2) and the one mandible that is damaged by the acid blood will quickly regenerate within minutes.


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Here is an answer for the qween fighting the ultrulist. This is a reference to her speed

In the comic Aliens -

Rogue, a mad scientist, engineered the Rogue Xenomorph: a male designed as a weapon to rival the Queen caste, and thus help rid Earth of it's alien infestation.

The Rogue escaped and wreaked havoc until it was torn apart by a Queen.

In the book Aliens -

The Rogue was believed to be more powerful than the Queen.

Ernst Kleist, the scientist who engineered it, is shocked to find the Queen is in fact the superior specimen: The Rogue is larger and stronger, but the Queen's superior speed and intellect enable her to easily dodge the Rogue's brutish attacks, while she slowly wears it down and finally slaughters it. (Kleist is subsequently killed when he uses a sound cannon on the Queen until it goes critical, The Rogue King Xenomorphdestroying the asteroid base he is on.) The Rogue is seemingly much more aggressive, and mercilessly attacks smaller Xenomorph castes. Kleist finds the crushed corpses of the Queen's elite Praetorian guard.

And so what is the opinon that the qween is slow now


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The queen is certainly not slow, but in a fight with an Ultralisk it will be easily overpowered.

The pre-brood war ultralisk was 5 meters tall and 20 meters, long, most of the length taken up by its kaiser blades, advanced organic blades that are monomolecular and virtually indestructible. The post-brood war Ultralisk is significantly larger, and sports 4 kaiser blades.

Let's say in a head on confrontation on an open plain, the queen fights an ultralisk.

The queen is approximately 3.657-4.876 meters tall, and is capable of problem-solving and advanced, cunning thought as well as the ability to learn and remember.

The ultralisk is not as advanced neurologically; it lacks complex neural capabilities beyond body functions and maintenance. However, it is linked to the Overmind, a massively intelligent creature capable of reason, strategic thinking, and juggling concepts such as planning for the future and on-the-go genetic evolution.

Speedwise, the Queen can move rapidly as well as striking with her razor-sharp tail. Her "hard as diamond" teeth (hopefully not as brittle as real diamond) and the muscular second jaw, along with the acidic fluid stored under pressure in her body will be her weapon.

The Ultralisk is layered with FEET of massive organic plates. The post-brood war specimen shows a massive bony plate over the head, completely protecting the spine (if there was one) and back of the head. It can pull back and bring together its four kaiser blades, then ready for another cleave in less than a second. It can travel at speeds far greater than trained marines in powered exoskeletons. It can turn, slash, ram opponents with virtually no transition time. And the ultralisk does not get tired, or any zerg organism for that matter.

Even if the intense acid managed to work its way into the ultralisk enough to do damage, its kaiser blades would damage the queen through sheer weight of the blow, along with its monomolecular edge. It's like getting pummeled by four compressed, monomolecular trucks.

and in a hive-hive confrontation,

any air force mustered by the xenomorphs would be hard-pressed by swarms of scourge (tiny, suicidal flyers; several of them can bring down a terran battlecruiser), mutualisks, corruptors, and brood lords.

Any xenomorph eggs present on the field of battle would be taken out aerially, or by hydralisks. If that somehow isnt possible, the Overmind would send zerglings as cannon fodder for the eggs, then once attatched would manually deal with them with hydralisks.
A good number of lurkers and mutalisks/brood lords is, imo, enough to stop any xenomorph attack.


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just as a side note, zergs (as their built) are immune to facehuggers. They lack complex digestive tracts, and lungs/(need for atmospheric gases).

So what someone said earlier about mutualisks getting attacked by facehuggers, not possible. especially when the zerg specimen in question can match the speed of capital strike ship wraith fighters and can travel in space without oxygen or any form of gas for that matter.


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I guess the environment would affect the outcome. On an open battlefield (such as Char) zerg would have the definite advantage, but in a twisting, cliff-riddled surface with many outcrops would give the xenomorphs an edge, though zerg could muscle in.

I doubt infesting (xenomorph) or assimilating(zerg) would work for either race, because

1) as stated, xenomorphs are silicon-based life forms, and Zerg haven't assimilated any silicon based organisms; terran(carbon), protoss(naturally resistant to assimilation) are their main enemies, though I have no clue what were the basis of the creatures they assimilated (brontolith=ultralisk).

2) As I stated above, zerg units lack digestive tracts, complex neural systems. Also I don't see how a facehugger that fits over a human head is going to do anything to spiny zerg units.


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i couldnt resist and i registered, you know xenos can't kill cerebrates, only dark templars can and if im not wrong when the overmind died kerrigan and only 1 cerebrate (the player) control the whole army (they have problems but then everything works perfect) besides the zerg tunnel system works better than the alien's tunnels and the zerg queen is a badass bitch; dont forget that zergs can use plagged terrans (the ones in the first game, you know BOOM!) anyway kerrigan being such a smart queen would persuade terran forces to nuke the ****ing planet.

ps: Xel'naga would come back to kill al the aliens cuz they need zergs alive.


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From forums earlier comment on how aliens are "the perfect race" The swarm is the true perfect race because it has the ability to absorb and evolve any creatures esence into their own, making them constant evolution, something the alien queen can't quickly think up a strategy for. And eventually the swarm would get ahold of alien dna and create a new strain. So zerg would win.


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I think Xenomorphs would win.
Zerg Air force dosn't mean crap in caves, where they cant get too. In addition, Xenos would just spit acid at any mutas and melt them. Also, on the ultra-queen thing, dont use game stats, cause they are always balanced.