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X-Tra editor for Warcraft

Discussion in 'Warcraft Maps, Patches & Mods' started by Freak_show, Nov 10, 2003.

  1. Freak_show

    Freak_show Guest

    Ok heres the problem i download X-tra 1.1 editor. I know this isn't a completely new editor but a editor that is based on the original and has things added on. Ok. Now When i start it the editor works fine but then suddenly it says program must close.
    Ok with me so far.
    Then i try and figuare out what it is and i see some code then then the file storm.dll so i think this file is the problem.
    Now in this link http://battleforums.com/history/show/14987.html
    it says you can copy things out of the editor paste it in the world editor and you'll be playing the world editor as it were the x-tra editor.
    When i look at my files i go in and try to get into the x-tra editor but it only has the install or launch icon. How do i get inside the file and copy things?
    Any insight would be helpful thanks Freak_show
    And the cd is mine so there are no issues on that topic.
    People say you need the cd to run x-tra but it never asks me for a cd when i try and run it anyone know why
  2. Aragorn7

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    Jul 19, 2003
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    Wrong forum.
  3. Freak_show

    Freak_show Guest

    Could the problem be as simple as my Warcraft being the first version available 1.00 and my editor being version 1.04 i dont know if this makes a difference but maybe thats what it is. The file is not up to date and the editor wont run?
    IF this is the problem if there a 1.04 or high Warcraft cd available on the market or is there only 1.00 meaning this isn't the problem.
    Im sure 1 of you moderators should know the answer