WTF Thorns Aura on Enslaved ???


I just riped my lvl 59 HC barb using WW and the Pierre Pole Arm.
But its a big surprise to me how it happend.
I was doing fine for about 30 bloodruns on Nightmare, got 1k dmg in WW and making lots of exp.
I got signons on (without shield because of Polearm weapon)
and got a P Skull socket into my Pierre, so that i leeched about 14% life and 9% mana in whole.
My Mana and life where always at full.

Then I entered a game where a Assasine was making the Mindblast spell that converts some of the enemies.
I am not sure but i think there was also a Pala in my party.

When I WW into a group with some converted enemies my 1400 hp were gone like nothing (assa was in my party no hostile nothing), and when the WW stopped I died because of no hps left.

I was like WTF how ??
And a guy told me that i shouldnt have hit the Enslaved because they have thorns Aura.

How could this be possible? I was in many Bloodruns but never saw Thorns Aura on Enslaved.
Fact is I died instantly without any chance, and I fear that when i rebuild the barb (what i am planning to do tomorrow, because i have another Pierre) the same thing could happen.

I feel like a Noob for askin such a thing, but I really need to know if, and when, what u guys ever expirenced with this issue.


Are you sure there wasnt a hero nearby giving them the thorns aura? I doubt that a enslaved would have a aura without a reason too....maybe blizzard was out to get you:) That sucks monkey **** tho....Hey all you hc blood running Barbs watch out for the thorns aura


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You told that, in your party, there was an Assassin with mind Blast and there was a Paladin, too.
Probably, the Paladin was using Thorns Aura.

When an Assassin uses the Mind Blast, she is able to convert a monster to make it fight for her.

If the Assassin in your party converts a monster and the Paladin in your party uses Thorns, the converted monster, during its "conversion", acquires Thorns Aura.

When the "conversion" effect stops, Thorns Aura remains on the monster... but now the monster is hostile to you.

When The Mind Blast stops to work, your previously mind-blasted enemy/friend keeps, for a few seconds, your party's benefits, such as Auras, Warcries and Druid's Spirits effects. Avoid getting close to that monster during that few seconds.

Too late. :(


Oh my, what a coincidence!

An Assa using mindblast (pretty useless anyway doesnt kill anything, more it prevents from killing monsters),
a Pala using Thrones (not Fana what would be first choice),
and little me rushing into a group of just turning backs.

Oh my, what chance there is to have such a unlucky day.
My luck that I can rebuild the barb just tomorrow.

It was so sweet, no 24 hours old and yet lvl 59.

Well we will see what horrible death the next one will die!
BNet comes up with even more and more strange fates.

Thanks for the Info, thats one more way i will never die again :cool:

Btw do u know if there is a program to lay hostile on a hotkey?

I was killed twice by Buriza Amas that fired Guided Arrows from out my Screen in my direction, and then walk thru a tp made hostile just in time, so the arrow hit me making 4k dmg.
No Chance of surviving that.

But they have to be so fast to do that, that i wonder if there isnt a Program to lay hostile on a hotkey, alike the emergency exit programm.

If so, please DONT post a link, just say how it is. :)


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It exists, it's called TPPK but as hacking is not allowed here i can't talk any more about it :p


Damn i knew it, they were just too quick.
This bitches got Buri already and have to use this shit for PvP. Cowards !!

U called it a hack, but Emergency Exit Programm for example isnt a hack, or?
I thought it just gives the esc and then save+exit command to my PC in quicker, thats not hacking BNet.

But if TPPK is a hack is there anyway i can scan if someone in the game uses it.
That would save me, lets say some little trouble in public HC Hell cowgames :)


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back on topic...

Thorns can be a really powerful aura for PVM when its maxed out. Currently, theres a bugged that decreases the damage you recieve as well as the damage reflection (to be fixed in 1.10)


I dont want to restar the old SC vs HC Discussion

Let me just say one thing:
I love it when i nearly die (or actually do) and my heart begins pumpin wild, adrenalin is shot thru my brain.
U can feel how ur body reacts in extreme situations without leaving ur easy chair. :D

In SC its like: oh I lost some exp. Boring !!! :sleepy