people really get worked up...


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where where? i dont want to die young, i really dont!

well, you know, i keep changing my password every 10 minutes. i just dont wanna be hacked. how paranoid can a person get? :fwink

RoaCh of DisCord

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Eh, if I were you...I wouldn't worry about it. My account was deleted, just re-join =\ I have too much on my mind to worry about something on the net :)

Also: If it's Placebo, and he isn't banned, or removed from being admin...he can view any ones changing it wont help :[


I"m not paranoid about it or anything...I just think it sucks that somone has nothing better to do. The hacker needs to go adopt a kitty to play with. Are you up for grabs KittieKitty?
Someone start the "Buy the Hacker a Kitty" thread :D


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i cant be bought for money you know, but if you sell me your soul...:D j/k

and no, please dont start a thread like that! these things start innocent, and get very bad. im refering to a thread like the one....well i wont get into that. im just glad its over & gone. :fwink