World of Warcraft Classic Warrior Leveling Guide


Dec 14, 2020
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Upgrading the Warrior class in wow classic is not an easy work. And, you may focus on collecting World of Warcraft Classic gold or navigating through dungeons, but the leveling process here is difficult. For some, they may appear as the most popular profession in the game, but they struggle with limited mobility and a heavy dependence on equipment. However, if you want to punish yourself with this course, you should know something about leveling beforehand.

Advantages and disadvantages

Depending on your preference for play style, Warriors offers the best challenge for players. With the exception of wands, they can use any weapon and are without a doubt the best armor class in the entire game. Aside from having a high ability limit and not having to worry about mana drain, you can see why many players tend to choose them.

However, they are definitely slow smoothers. They are heavily dependent on equipment and have limited mobility. They are also considered to be heavily dependent on World of Warcraft Classic items and cannot be easily used to farm World of Warcraft Classic gold. Given the large number of players who enjoy this game class, densely populated.

Best Matches

The best matches on par with Warriors depend on what you use them for and what faction they support. From a PvE standpoint, you should deal with Humans as an Alliance, which can help prevent rogues if needed. However, if you're with the Horde, minotaurs provide a decent AOE coma and more health. They can also prove useful in PvP, and Orcs can use useful abilities like stamina to increase stun resistance.

Tips for leveling warrior classes

Now that you know more about the class and want to understand which races to use, you'll need some tips on leveling up. When it comes to minions, make sure you don't overuse their abilities, since you want to control the rage so that it is used effectively. You should also fight creatures that are near you.

You should make sure that you have developed a progression plan for the weapon to make it the most effective fighter. Make sure you skip a lot of protection skills when training, as you only want to train lightning strikes, supers, slashes, and shield strikes as needed. Ultimately, you want to keep a fighter's drawbacks in mind and focus on the aspects that will benefit you the most.

With this in mind, you should be fit for the Warrior course. You'll need some WoW Classic items to help you, and its difficulty makes it a small drawback. But you'll soon see why it's such a popular class for players and why it's unbeatable when it comes to tank racing. It feels like you're playing the game in hard mode, but it's the perfect choice to challenge yourself.


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