Woo for WoW!


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Well, from looking through the results of our last poll, obviously most of us here have little to no life. Fulfilling the dreams and lives of your everyday social outcast by filling chatrooms and gaming sessions with stupid online handles we think to intimidate and strike ph34rzorz into the hearts and minds of our opponents. :D

I suppose a nice follow-up question to that thread would be to ask someone to rate yourself on a scale of 1-10, and see how well all those hours pay off in your practice time. :p

Another poll idea for another time, as this week's topic will be moving toward the subject at hand for Blizzard, World of WarCraft.

For those of you that have it, or played the Beta versions, we'd like to know what characters you're most interested in leveling up to be your primary. From the valiant Paladin to the sexy Hunters, what you like about them from what you've seen, and maybe some things you wish they had changed.

Unfortunately my video card is a piece of frikkin garbage (16MB, and on a laptop, so no I can't upgrade :-/), so I'll just have to sit idly by and watch you guys live it up.

Go! Voet! And maek little babies so they can sell their soulz here too, to continue the vicious cycle. =D


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Ack, try Starcraft. Mucho Grande! Or go evil in Diablo: R0xXorz mA B0xXorz for the PC!