Why is my screen pushed when i play starcraft?



whenever i play starcraft, my screen has been pushed ? so i cant see the 10 % of mini map and sometimes i cant see the right side ? how can i fix this?


I have this 'auto' button on my screen that automatically aligns my screen for me. I'm sure there's one on yours too. If it's not an actual button, look under 'menu' of your screen.


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Might also be compatability issues. Run SC in compatability mode with XP or 98, or you could try to run it as administrator. That fixed the problems I had with it on Vista.


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i had a problem with my monitor and the colors with starcarft so i went searching and i came up with these things 1 have the screen resolution window open in vista and that fixes most problems (i dont know why)
also if you have on the starcraft.exe in compatibility tick all options like min res and all that. and thats how all my starcraft res and colour problems were fixed