Where does the time go?


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Hello. It astonishes me that when I think back to an event I have to go "really? That many years ago!?"

There have been a ton of Not like the old days, and all the old people don't come here anymore topics. But Holy Smokes, it has been 13 years since I joined.

My back hurts, my energy is lower, and Bills pile up.

I can remember playing Blizzard games with a large group of people and laughing, having fun, and making stupid posts that went unnoticed. So insignificant yet so very significant.

I miss the old days, like an old man looking at his grown kids thinking back to when life was a bit simpler. I miss the banter, the games, and the inside references.

Thank you.


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i still come around like once a year to see the changes. dont like the recent.

Tempest Storm

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And you're pretty damn responsive for a dead forum. Though I guess this one has faired a bit better than some of the other ones. The old war3 site I came from is a real ghost forum these days.