What are you playing now?


What game have you guys been playing recently? Just tell us the name and whats its like!

Ill start...

World of Warcraft; Its fun in raids, i dont care too much about pvp but pve like killing nef, thats loads of fun! *****


Red Orchestra: Ostfront: New WWII game that focuses on the eastern front. NOT LIKE DOD:S or COD2 at all.

WWIIOL: Cool game I've been playing for a while.

Mount & Blade: Awesome game for those who want a medieval game that isn't turned based and doesn't have any magic/mythical creatures.

Rome: Total War: Everyone knows what this is. Plus, I like hitting people with big ****ing rocks.


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Oblivion .


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World of warcraft definately. Its simply the best freakin game right now


Silkroad online. Gotta love them bots.


Hey... who you calling a bitch? :p

i forgot my #1 love CS/CS:S best fps i always get pissed off when i die because its rare for me too when there are so many noobs ;)

Also, wtf is Oblivion.. i know its a new mmo forgot the name tho :x
wow and super smash bros melee, wow is just godlike and smash is fun i just bought the smash and i have to get good to own all my freinds! :p

oblivian is the closest thing you can get to heaven besides WoW, good graphics and endless things to do, its from the Elder Scrolls series.

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

Over 72 hours now... I have an unhealthy addiction to this game.

Let's just say it's a VERY open-ended first-person RPG that pwnz my soul. Or the closest thing to a soul, seeing as Freelancer owns that.

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diablo2 lod, ladder, europe:D

banned atm, w8ing for new game to arrive