What are uses for multas?


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I usually try to rush with 6 or 8 mutas within the first 6 minutes of the game. Its incredibly risky because it totaly expose me to a rush by weak units, but if I can pull it out, like snagg pointed it it out, I'll be able to harrass the opponent from every sides and drive him crazy early on, effectively messing with his plans. If he's a protoss or a terran that rushed for tanks, chances are that he wont have enough goons or marines to fend of the attack and the game will end there.

If not, I continue to harrass him as best as I can while I expend and tech to hydras, while trying to keep all my mutalisks alive, for they'll make a handfull of gardians later on. But in the meanwhile, it a matter of chosing between pushing with lurkers or a massive drops of hydras on an opponent who ought to be outmanoeuvred by my abilities to harrass him and scout the map for his expentions.

Of course, this can be nullified by a few well placed psystorms or an opponent who just has a better economy than me. This is what usualy happens, I have terrible macros... D: