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Welcome to the Starcraft Use Map Settings Forum. Here you can post your super-delicious-awesome-never before seen map that you have made or post problems concerning your map that you need help on. You can be a map reviewer, map helper, map anything!

Getting Started

-If this is your first time at BattleForums, please read the For the newcomers: FAQ.

-If you need help on your map, please do the following:
  1. Create a new thread by clicking on the
    near the top of the forum.
  2. Have the title of your thread be related to your map problem.
    [Good Example: Making Invisible Beacon help]
    [Bad Example: I need help on my map]
  3. Have your message stating your problem clearly. The layout for your message can be:
    Introduction -
    Problem -
    What you think is creating the problem -
    What you want the solution to be -
  4. Upload your map. Most of the problems posted here cannot be answered without uploading your map. To upload your map:
    Click on the
    button. A window will pop up. Click on
    . Find your map and double click on it. Click the
    button. You may upload another map if you wish. When you're done, you may close the Manage Attachments window.
  5. When you're done with the title, message, and uploading your map, you can preview your thread for typos. Otherwise, just click on
  6. Now wait while other people read your thread and post in your thread. This may take 10 minutes or 10 hours depending on how cool you are;).
If you are not OK uploading your map because you are afraid people might steal your map, then you have two options.
Option 1 - 'Super' thoroughly explain your problem. (Include possible triggers that might be the problem, etc...)
Option 2 - You can email Lwek(me) the map at REMOVED. I am a trustable person. I pledge that if there is evidence that I stole your map or have let other people steal your map and ruin it, I will either remake the map or give the original creator $1 per trigger from the original map.

Please. I don't want anyone editing this post or thread. If you have a problem with this thread, PM me


Your Rights

-You have the right to to not get harassed, flamed, dissed, insulted, or in any other way of being degraded by any other members in the Starcraft UMS Forum.
-You have the right to
any post you feel violates your rights.

Your Responsibility

-You are responsible for your own materials you post in the Starcraft UMS Forum.
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