Vampire Hunters!


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Ok now you can be 3 things

vampire who hunts evil or curupte vampires
human who hunts vampires
Evil vampire
or just a vampire who isnt a hunter and minds his own bissness.

Ok there are 3 kinds of vampires in the world

Good vampires currupte vampires and evil vampires. Currupte vampires are vampires that act on instinct and cant think. They become currupte by drinking to much human blood or drinking any vampire blood. Evil vampires and vampires who arnt currupte and are just evil. And normal vampires. Sometimes normal vampires hunt currupte and evil vampires

If you are bitten by a vampire you become one but you don’t start changing from 5-10 years after your bitten and it takes a year after you start changing to fully change. You can tell a vampire from a human by its red eyes and fangs. Vampires sence of smell is really good. Garlice, holly water, or crosses cant hurt vampires. if you ram a stake into a vampires heart it will kill them, but so will shooting them in the head or running them over with a car. Vampires are strounger then humans but they arnt invincible.vampires age 10 times slower then humans do. And vampires are hurt by the sun, thye can stay in it for about 3 hours and then they would start to burn up.

Ok that’s about all you need to know about vampires.

Heres my guy he is a vampire hunting vampire.

Name: Garg
Age:about 100 he doesnt remember his exsact age.
Race: vampire
Class: corrupt/evil vampire hunter
Appearance: when its daytime he has on sunglasses, gloves, long sleeve shirt, and long pants so that the sun cant get him. When he isn’t in the sun he wears a black shirt black pants and no shoes. He has long weight hair (like the bad guy from ff7 forget his name) and a sword. Looks like he is in his early twenties.
Personality: he is very serious, he never jokes around and gets ticked off real easy. Because of his personality most people think he is a bad person but he hunts currupte and evil vampires so they don’t hurt innocent people so he isn’t evil.
Story: his father was a vampire hunter and was bitten. When his father became a full vampire he bit Garg so he wouldn’t have to live so long without any family. Later his father was killed by a vampire hunter. Garg became a vampire hunter two years after his fathers death for unknown reasons.

Name: Derrin but he doesnt mind being called Der
Age: He physically looks about 21
Race: A good vampire
Class: He generally minds his own buisness.

Appearance: He's about 6"1 with dark brown short-ish hair, and deep brown eyes. He usually wears Jeans with trainers and a variable colour of t-shirt. He looks about 21 years old. He also wears a silver necklace which he got from his father, it protects him from the sun and allows him to go out in daylight.

Personality: He isnt very serious at all, but he knows when to be. He would be described as a understanding, kind person. Although sometimes he can take a joke too far. He's relatively smart, but has absalutely no common sense. If there's a moment or something dramatic going on, he'll probably be the one to make an inappropriate joke and ruin it. Even though he's such a warm person he can be precieved as being withdrawn, he doesnt like to talk about his feelings or past, he'd rather just bottle it all up and face it by himself.

Story: His parents were both vampires, so he was born as one. His father was a vampiric king, and his mother was a human who was bitten by his father. His parents were killed by a group of vampire hunters, lead by a vampire vampire hunter. Der was banished by his uncle who wanted to take over the underground kingdom. Derrin cannot go back or be found by his uncle, or he will most likely be killed as the rightful heir to the throne. Now Derrin just roams from place to place, looking for a reason to stay. The last reason he found to stay was killed by one of his uncle's henchmen who was trying to get to him. Since then he has never tried to make an emotional attatchment to anyone.

Final Warrior

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Name: Eryana Delhasi
Age: Physically, 19
Race: Good Vampire
Class: Vampire Hunter

Appearance: Eryana Delhasi is of Elven blood, and therefore has all the characteristics of an Elf. She has short-cropped rose-blonde hair, and well-tanned skin, especially for a vampire. She wears lightweight assassin's leathers, enchanted with her own magics. She carries a dangerous pair of blades, a longsword called Bloodtalon and a dagger called Bloodfang, as well as the legendary assassin's bow, the Razorthorn.

Personality: Eryana swings between three different moods: strong but silent, happy-go-lucky devil-may-care temptress, and genocidal blood-thirsty psychotic maniac.

Story: Long ago, Eryana Delhasi was once a deadly assassin and master thief. One day she ran into an ancient vampire, and became his lover. She was offered the chance at sharing in his Damnation, and accepted. However, she joined a sect of vampire-hunting vampires, and had to kill her first love when she learned of his misdeeds. Soon thereafter she lost her sanity, leading to her dangerous mood swings. Eryana is now a very ancient vampire, over five hundred years old, and has learned many powerful magicks, some helping her contain her inner demons, others allowing her to temporarily cure herself of Vampirism so she can venture into daylight.

((Just an FYI, but Eryana can "cure" her Vampirism for twelve hours as one of her abilities. However, she must have fed beforehand, and she loses any bonuses from being a Vampire. her mortal skills remain, though.))

-- Griffinhart
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what the hell? i made this over 2 years ago and just now revisted the forum out of being board... how the hell is this still one of the top 5 threads on this forum? i had no idea anyone even signed up for it 0.o, well we can still start if yall want to i got enuf free time to log in for 10-20 mins every day and post on this. hold on i'll edit this with an intro.

2 years later and it finaly begins :p (wow my spelling was bad when i made this :p)

seeing as 2 years ago when i made this i never said what year the game takes place in, so we'll go with midevil times.