Tower Defense - Special Effects and Auras


Dec 29, 2003
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I'm continuing to work on a tower defense map and have the following questions. Any help appeciated.

(1) One of the towers will use chain lightning as an attack. I have studied other maps (like Wintermaul) and find that the attack is implemented by using an Attack 1 with very high projectile speed and no projectile art. Then, a trigger as follows is used to implement the chain lightning attack and art.

Unit - A unit owned by Player 12 (Brown) Is attacked
(Unit-type of (Attacking unit)) Equal to Chain Lightning Caster
Unit - Order (Attacking unit) to Orc Far Seer - Chain Lightning (Attacked unit)
Unit - Set mana of (Attacking unit) to 100.00%

It also appears that the tower must have "Chain Lightning (Nuetral Hostile)" repeated many times under the "Abilities - Normal" setting, although I am unsure why.

My first quesion is whether this is the best or only way to implement this. Also, I wish to upgrade this tower to increase the damage from the chain lightning attack and to increase the number of hops that it makes. How is the best way to accomplish that?

(2) I would like to have a tower that has an aura and increases the strength of the attacks of any tower within range. This is similar to an Hero aura but I am unsure if this can be done with towers. Preferrably when the "aura tower" is built, all towers within range increase attack by some amount and if multiple "aura towers" are built, I would like a cummulative increase in attack.

I've gotten great ideas from the forum in the past and would welcome any thoughts on these.