Toss has air and what is the best of all of em?

What is best Toss air unit?

  • Scout

    Votes: 5 16.1%
  • Corsair

    Votes: 6 19.4%
  • Arbiter

    Votes: 5 16.1%
  • Carrier

    Votes: 11 35.5%
  • shuttle

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Observer

    Votes: 4 12.9%

  • Total voters

Emperor Pan I

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Well im rushing, notspamming, to get 200 posts and im 5 away after this one. so i wanted to post this quick. The Toss has considerabley good air force. though there are many weaknesses a group of scouts can do great damage and the corsair is arguably the best at taking out zergs food upply. also the ariter which i have already posted is extremely usefull in warping and the icing technic is quite usefull. the carrier isn't the greatset and the shuttle needs improvement.


i love carriers they seem to take out zerg very nicely. arbiters become useless if there is any detecters near by.but when attacking an army of air units with no detectors (or in your own base) they are awesome. scouts are great but i still like carriers the best


Carriers have to be the most fun unit to use against newbs. They are easy to counter but 24 of them can kill any noob in no time. I also like having an arbiter near by so the intersepters are going in and out of the cloaking field. They look like a marage.


w/ out the observor i woulda been wraith rushed and dt rushed and any other cloak rushed plus I was getting nuked and obeservors r the only thing that can save the player if he/she is bein nuked on a ton of his units about to win but loses since there is no observor.
Arbiter. As I said before, spell casters own. :)

Emperor Pan I

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well with the science vessel spell casters become as good as shit. EMP shockwave drains the magic, and shields of the unit(in this case arbiter) and detects the units it is cloaking.
Which is why the Science Vessel is the ultimate anti-spell caster.

Emperor Pan I

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Yep i always have like around 4. When im against terran i like to have maybe 1 incase of cloaked units like ghosts or wraiths. against zerg i use about 2 or 3. defilers are nothing wwithout magic. literaly they are useless. and toss i build 4.
I should build them more often....
Oddly enough, Arbiter, Corsair and Scouts have greater explosive power than Carriers, yet everyone uses Carriers the most.

I have yet to come across a gamer who uses other types of airforce besides Carriers.


well, I'm new. and of course I like carriers, but a large group of scouts will do just fine. I don't know corsairs 'cause I don't have the upgrade yet. maybe i should get it...


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Carriers are fun to play with, but don't plan on making lots against me because there is so many counters..

Zerg Counter: Defiler and in some cases Scourge

Protoss Counter: High Templar and in some cases Archons

Terran Counter: Science Vessel (EMP) and Valk's

Theres plenty of ways to stop a mass of Carriers, so thats why its always a good idea to get a mix of units.

Emperor Pan I

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I am going to tell u something that is a valuable lesson. carriers are to expensive to make, so why not steal? I have posted this before, and no one listens, mass dark archns can get as many carriers as your opponent builds. i used it on a guy attacking with carriers and guardians. got the carriers, to kill the guardians.


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Arbiter is the best IMO, it rocks. Unlimited cloak + freezing... is great, but the thing that makes it freakin awesome is Recall. This is even better than nydus canal. If you get a high temp too, just hallucinate ur arbiter and get like 20 of them, send them all in at once and then recall right near the opponents command center and cause some major damage.


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Originally posted by pan_the_man
I am going to tell u something that is a valuable lesson. carriers are to expensive to make, so why not steal? I have posted this before, and no one listens, mass dark archns can get as many carriers as your opponent builds. i used it on a guy attacking with carriers and guardians. got the carriers, to kill the guardians.
Cause most of the time people attacking with carriers attack wth 8 or more. So if you hallucinate one of them, the other 7 will kill it before you even stand a chance at moving it. Now if you have 5-6 dark archons, then you can cause some trouble, but dark archons cost alot to make, require alot of research, take up alot of space out of your 200/200 max units and mind control takes alot of energy...


It sorta remindes me of Ultralisk which is 200/200 to make.
But I really like them!!!

(Sweet Avitar SkuZZy*)


Protoss air-to-ground force suck...period.
Their air comes too late, cost too much and does too little to ground troop.
Going air means losing Templar or Reaver Tech...both are EXTREMELY efficient at taking out masses of ground troops...and in case of the templar...air also.
Tell yourself, in pro matches (WCG, CPL...etc) have you seen Toss V Toss matches where one side goes air?

Notable exception : Corsair

This unit changed the way Protoss played.
Toss v Zerg, Corsair is the ULTIMATE air threat.
Scout has always been and will probably remain useless.
Corsair owns mutalisk...
Corsair moves freaking fast and has splash...great for scouting and taking out overlord.
Finally...DT + Corsair expand Vs Zerg anyone?

Who has the best non-casting air?
Lets see about Terran...

Valkyrie : Goliath is 100000 times better for anti-air purposes if you're going to get an armoury.

Wraith : The only useful unit for Terran. Excellent at harassing Zerg and in Terran V Terran but otherwise hardly used. Anti-air department belongs to the Goliath.

Battlecrusier : Suxor~ !

So the answer is...ZERG!

Mutalisk : Excellent speed for scouting. Great ground attack for hit and run and even direct battles.

Guardian : Roxor! :D

Scourge : Great anti-air.

Devourer : Not much used but when combined with Mutas and Scourges, owns air hard. Creates a "stopwatch effect" in Zerg v Zerg matches where the mutaling player who gets 1-2 Devourer will probably win.


i'll admit it. when i was a noob carries were cool. their big, expensive and just plain look cool. same with BC's for terrain.

but 12 scouts will wipe the floor with 12 carriers. and they cost about a third less if you count in 50 a pop for the 8 intercepters per carrier.

and you can usually build 2 scouts in the time it takes to build one carrier.

you can also have twice as many scouts as carriers. 3 food supply for scout. 6 for carrier.

i have only run up against one thing that can take out 5+ presets of scouts and thats psi storm.

but by the time i have that many scouts together i can usually pump out a preset of scouts in less than a min. especially on the money maps.