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this is an RPG in a world without technology above the medieval age, but with all of the many different forms of magic, and there are a few rules, so here they are;

one: no 1 can be nobility unless the PM me first and i giv e them permission
(being a knight isn't considered being nobility unless u r a knight of a
lord or a king)

two: no one can be all-powerful as that ruins an RPG
(exception, if only for short periods and u ask and i decide when u r and
how long u r)

three: no one may kill some one in their own party unless they have a damn
good reason that i agree with!

now on to the character sheet

if it has a * before it it is required

*Name: (character's name here)
Title: (this is where u can make a nickname or subtitle)
*race: (what species u r duh!)
*Occupation: (this is like your job or class)
*amor/clothing: (what your character is wearing unless u say otherwise)
*armament/abilities: (your weapons, abilities, magic spells, potions, or scrolls,Etc.)
*history: (your character's life story)


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Name: Vaal
Race: Demonic dragon entity, serpentine-class
Age: 14 months

Occupation: Vaal is barely sentient, although very cunning. He is driven by primal impulses to kill and feed, and while he recognizes group roles within prey with enough understanding to pick off particular members in order to cause party disfunction, he does not grasp the possibility of himself having such a role. He is merely Vaal.

Armor/clothing: He wears no clothing, but his body is covered in thick chitin that can resist incredible temperatures. He was actually born in a pool of magma...

Armament/abilities: He carries no weapons, using his body as a weapon. His claws, jaws, and tail are his primary weapons. His incredibly sharp claws are also an asset, allowing him to gouge into most surfaces and crawl on walls or even the ceiling. He is very fast, able to overtake most bipedal prey with ease. He is equally strong, with enough crushing power in his claws or jaws to turn a human skull into bloody powder, and the muscles of his tail can crush his prey anaconda style. His thick carapace enables him to resist environmental hazards such as extreme levels of heat or cold, and most other corrosive substances. His vision is very good, as is his hearing. Oddly enough, his sense of smell is very limited, a defense mechanism from spending most of his life among acrid fumes of subterranean lava caverns. He is very quick on land, but moves with lightning speed in a liquid (I say liquid because he most often swims in magma).

History: Created by the unholy union of an ancient lava dragon and a pyrophage (fire demon), Vaal was hatched alone in a pool of molten rock miles beneath a vast mountain range. His infant wings were seared off in the boiling hot liquid, but his sturdy lineage protected him from any further injury. Vaal lived in his birth caverns for a few months, until his ravenous appetite and the thirst for killing instilled in him by his demonic heritage exhausted the readily available supply of cave beasts and tunnel wyrms. He began to work his way towards the surface, killing all he encountered, until he reached daylight at the entrance to a large volcano. He left his caves behind and ventured into a thick and expansive rain forest to claim dominion over all he encountered.

Appearance: Vaal is basically a very heavily armored snake-dragon. His body is built with the gracefully streamlined frame of a large panther with an elongated torso. He looks almost crocodilian in standard appearance, his every inch covered in jagged scales, twisted chitin plating, and sweeping demonic horns at his shoulders and elbow/knee joints. He has a thick, long tail very similar to that of a crocodile, but much more flexible in the manner of a largebreed snake. All told, he measures about 16 feet long, with approximately a third of that length being his tail. As large as he is, he is not thickly built, which allows him to twist through tunnels and small areas with ease, the rough edges of his scales perfect for gaining purchase, and the powerful muscles of his neck, torso, and tail enabling him to worm through tight spaces.

Temperament: Vaal is by no means a friendly beast, but prefers to demonstrate his savage ferocity in moderation. He carefully plans his kills, stalking his prey and efficiently hunting it, waiting for the moment of victory before he unleashes his unholy fury upon his doomed adversary. The most ideal encounter for Vaal is when he is fully prepared for the kill after setting up his attack and letting the prey walk right into his grasp, but in an open fight he moves with supernatural speed and primal viciousness. Able to take a solid amount of damage without consequence, Vaal's rage and bloodlust is not something to be trifled with. Vaal does not give up on a kill, and does not forgive or forget. If a battle becomes too much for Vaal to handle, he will retreat quickly and plan his next attack carefully. He can strike from anywhere and at any time, and is truly a deadly adversary. If he loses his prey or must withdraw from the fray, he will pursue his victim to the ends of the earth in a relentless onslaught.


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((And I was just messing with you rose, but you could use just a tad bit more concentration on your grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Makes it easier to read, and makes the RP better.))

Name : Balthizar
Age : 4392
Title : Devourer of Souls
Race : Demon
Class : Firecaster
Armor/Clothing : He has a natural molten rock armor of the darkest crimson, it is near impenetrable.
Armement/Abilities : He doesn't exactly use weapons, he forms a two-handed sword made out of pure molten rock. He can summon fire with great ease, but depending on the strength and size of the flames, it fatigues him. When he defeats an opponent, he devourers their soul for his master to gain power, and he gains a small bit of power with the soul.
Backround : Once a simple farmer, but when a plague hit his town, all of his friends and family died slow painful deaths, but he was left untouched. He soon went crazy, he started going from town to town, stealing and murdering, he was soon found and killed, when he reached the underworld, he was given a position in the Dark Entity's infernal army. He now serves his master with much enthusiasm.
Personality : He may be a damned soul of a crazy murderer, but he still holds some sanity. He loves to chat, coincidentally, a fellow Firecaster told him would be his downfall, but ignorantly Balthizar shrugged it off. He is very quick to anger, and when he is anger, you definatly don't want to be around, he is a damned soul of a crazy murderer afterall.


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Name: Leo "Redcoat"
Title: None
Race: Human
Occupation: Sword-for-hire
Armour/Clothing: Red waist-length jacket and a dull metallic breastplate. Underneath, a long-sleeved black top, dark blue leggings, brown boots and a pair of short, black gloves are worn.
Armament/Abilities: Leo weilds the one reminder of his past; his family's longsword as his weapon, his only magical ability is his power to launch his blood from his hands, this is known to cause him much pain when fired.

History in next post


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Leo's history:

At the age of twelve Leo's whole family was murdered before his eyes in a bandit raid of his town. Ever since that day, he swore to avenge his fallen kin upon all who were involved. Years later he recognises a bandit in a bar and murders him, he receives a vertical scar on his left eye for his efforts, causing the now wanted young man to be recognised instantly anywhere. The scar on his eye appears to be the source of his magical ability and turns dark red when his magical ability is induced.