THE Picture thread


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Says who? I'd rather do it wyhen I know certain individuals won't go spamming because I'm not paying attention or something. :p

Nice try though Ryan. ;)


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Darkmatter said:
I'll do that once I can get some more help around here. :p
none of you CC mods did anything when I was staff, organizing picture thread, there was 4 mods back then I think, (can't blame x42 though)


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I wasn't CC Mod then though...

What I'm saying is, when I have another moderator here to handle the other threads and reports of CC, I'll update all of it. :)


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lol u only see his face.. or was he so fat that there were fat on his lips.. whoaaa dude




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First one was this Sunday, the rest we're saturday. That's my girlfriend, my sister (We look so much alike) I was playign SC in the 4th picture. :p

Enjoy! :haerty