The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: Review


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For those of you not familiar with the Elder Scrolls series or Bethesda, the game is essentially another world to explore and do as you wish. Many things are open-ended and you can a lot of what you'd like. Kill who you want, explore wherever you so choose and whatnot. It's a role-playing game, by classification, but it is really an open-ended adventure.

The graphics themselves are quite amazing. Some things that aren't amazing however, are the horse models as well as the jumping animations. Other than that, you will be surprised at how well done the graphics are. Playing this on an HD TV will warrant even better visuals.

The music that is played in the background of Oblivion is above par. The opening theme fits very nicely with the game. During gameplay, the music subtly plays, but it changes when you encounter an enemy. It is quite easy to pick up on the change of music, as it pauses momentarily and then resumes a faster paced. You can hear your footsteps and how the sound produced differs based on where you step. Same goes for your weapon attacks. A sword attack sounds different than a fist attack, and attacks on different materials give different sounds.

The story, is quite well done. There is a main storyline, and other quests to wet your whistle as you progress along the story. The main story is thrown right at you in the very beginning with the death of the monarch, Emperor Uriel Septim.

The gameplay is by far the best part of the game. A fully customizable character. Many dungeons to explore, lots of side quests , a neat little expansion (review coming soon), and lots more. This makes replaying the game very worth it and more likely.

Dark Blade gives this game an A!