The Dragonis War


Torque listened to the options and his fists tightened at each. "I won't allow any of them to come to pass." He said. "Especially the third one. I'd never allow Deathscream to touch her soul." He said in a growl. "And there is a fourth solution you've forgotten." He said. When they arched eyebrows at him, he sneered. "We kill Daemon and go home as free people."
"Who's to stop the next person who comes after my power? Even if we defeat Daemon who is to stop the gods themselves from destroying me? At least through option one i have a trump card." She stood up streching."I have two souls. I am a demon and I am a deity. If one soul is released that still leaves me with one soul right?" Asakai did a back bend strech."Daemon cannot control the soul of the key which is a deity. But he can control this soul. My plan is to have Torque absorb my demon soul that way I can sacrafice my deity soul. Then he can exchange his immortality to the merciful goddes in return for removing my demon soul which will be pruified to a human soul." Asakai spoke."You see I've thought about this for a while now."


Torque was suprised, taken aback by Asakai's plan. "Asakai...that's...brilliant. Then you and I could lead a normal life!" He smiled, feeling much better now that things were falling into place.

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"Like my father used to say...everything has a loop hole." She smiled rising back up. Asteroth gave her a big hug."Get off a me you big lug!" She called out pushign him away. Asteroth continued to hug her."I'm so proud.I feel like a virginon her wedding night." Aseroth wiped a tear with a hoof. Asakai sighed defeated. Her mentor was strong. and powerful but he had a soft side too."I'm serious if you don't let go I'm going to kill you." She spoke trying to push him away.Asteroth set her down wiping a few more proud tears away."If only your parents could see you ..." Asteroth stopped at the bone chilling glare he was answered with."Never...say that to me...ever." She spoke walking away to go study. Asteroth shook his head resumign to sit with Torque."Such a sad thing. Everyone one of us has a child with in us that represents the fear we pocess. Even I can see her child quakes with fear at seperation. I'm sure if she ever lost you she'd lose her mind." Asteroth looked at Torque."There is no deeper love than that of star-crossed lovers."


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Thaltos nodded. "Just through those trees is the entry gate of my mother's temple."

He pushed away a branch and peered through at the ancient stone facade of Astheno's temple. Classically Greek in appearance, the caryatid columns were of twisting serpentwomen, and the massive triangular pediment was adorned with similar relief sculpture. There was no question as to the matron of this structure.

"We're in luck. It doesn't appear to be guarded. Might as well let ourselves in."

Thaltos led Balthizar up the great stone stairs to the entrance, and paused to look at one of the caryatids. It appeared to be a lesser Gorgon, of the wingless variety. It was odd that Astheno would decorate her temple with beasts so much less than herself.

As he and Balthizar passed through the vast portal and found themselves in the entry hall, Thaltos chuckled. "Now THIS is more like my mother."

Everything was lavishly encrusted with gold, with a row of successive niches on either wall. Each niche had a pedestal with a pure gold statue of one of the Gods of Olympus kneeling and bowing his/her head in submission to Astheno's power. There was even a magnificent figure of Zeus offering himself to Astheno in the posture of a servant.

"Definitely my mother's way of thinking. Such hubris...well, at least her temple guards are nowhere to be found."

Thaltos walked over to an incredibly ornate engraving on the wall and allowed a smile to creep across his face as he studied it. The figure most prominently displayed was a young child with dark skin, and as the scene moved across to the right, it showed his life as he grew up and matured into a stocky brute with twisting tendrils of hair. The story covered his boyhood training, the various tasks he had done for the Gods, and even his return to the temple with a manlike ally who had ghostly flaming outline.

"Look, Balthizar," he said, pointing. "It appears we've been fated to come here for a great long time. This engraving is over a century old."


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Balthizar squinted as he studied it, "Well that can't be me, I'm much more handsome than that understatement," he said jokingly.

"But enough funny-business, let's get moving, I don't like being here, it gives me a strange feeling." he said shivering.