The best 'World' to play in?



Basically I'm in Japan working and I will wish to play WoW when it is released.
My question is which 'Gateway' is the closest for me? Some parts of the real world are given as real places, ie Europe, but there is no listing for Japan.
Do I eventually log on to a recognisable area or take a risk with the Warhammer 'names'?
This may seem like a strange question, but I was playing a another game last year where no-one would talk to me when an administrator approached my character and asked me why I was playing on the Korean server!

Roger the Pope


Jan 27, 2004
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Well you must remember it will most likly use gateways then prob sum servesr located around the world from those realms.

If it just uses:

So im 100% positive an Asian Server would be closest so use that one...I mean then its not a korean server its an Asia server and Japan is part of asia and if im wrong well then use Americans must recount how many Continents there are.

But most likly you will be able to choose a sub server like...
Uswest - Server Name, Location, Ping
Useast - Server Name, Location, Ping
Europe - Server Name, Location, Ping
Asia - Server Name, Location, Ping

Thats how i would do it...beucz there are most likly gonna be many servers and for an MMORPG your gonna want the closest one to you so if they dont do that then just use Asia.

Good english by the way....damn in grammer its better than mine