T (minus) 6 Days

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King Endymion
Less than a week. The deadline looms. Don't forget to hold in your excitement!

Today's not a game coming out on release day. It's news of the future establishment of Wii, and it's through a specific third party. This is news from one of my personal picks (in terms of development teams)!

Bandai Namco Working on Over 30 Wii Titles
11/11/2006, 2:10pm Eastern Time In a Bandai Namco press conference, Vice President Shin Unozawa revealed that there are over 30 titles for Nintendo Wii in development without divulging further details about the games. He also made note that for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, combined there are only 10 titles in works.
Namco is a Japanese Video Game developer best known for games such as Soul Calibur, Tekken, Tales, Ridge Racer, Xenosaga, and Katamari Damacy. Namco has also made special efforts to collaborate with Nintendo in the previous generation such as in Starfox: Assault and Mario Kart Arcade GP.
Current Namco games known for Wii include Sword of Legendia, Tamagotchi, and SD Gundam: Scud Hammers.
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