Sting's Maphack for Diablo II 1.11b

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I hate my computer for coming with Windows Vista.. It's the only apparent reason it doesn't work, because I tried on my 2000 (piece of crap) dell. It worked, but not on this computer. Can someone please find a way to get it to work with Vista?


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The only way Vista can be a problem is if you installed the 64 Bit version. OR its Ultimate.

Older games have known ot have problems. I run all kinds of stuff including Stings, C3PO and even Mousepad on 32-bit Vista Home Premium and they work fine.


is it safe to leave sting 2.1 lite minimized in tray while you play or should you bring it up every time you go into a new act ?


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You only need to reload it should you change acts. Then you will need to use Reveal Act on that act.


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Hi, thanks for making this available and safe !

I'd like to know 2 things :

I don't understand "DO NOT INJECT THE DLL WHILE ON BNET!" , what does it mean ?

Also I'd like to know if there is a way to use the fonction of the previous version of maphack which allows you to hide some stuff that's on the floor; I used to hide the gold under 5000 so that I could see the rest better. Is it still possible with this version ?
I also like seeing on the map, groups of monster where there is a unique monster among them...


edit : and what is the difference between the lite and the non lite version please ?


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It means you dont click on Install/Update when you are on

If you do this, another DLL for Stings runs on Warden picks this up and bans you for it. This is what over 75% of the people who use Stings end up doing. And it gets annoying having to tell them "I told you so".

This also includes C3PO, which injects R2D2 into the game. But too bad anti-cheat bots cant detect this one on some servers.


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C3PO is a Maphack that uses Mousepad's Engine except configures it using an interface. It also tells you more information about the monsters you face like Attack Rating, Defenses, and Resistances each creature has. It needs D2Loader to run (because its also a run manager).

When C3PO runs with the maphack loaded, it uploads a DLL called R2D2.dll to do the maphack stuff. If you load it without it, it doesnt inject R2D2.dll to the game, making it "legit" except you are using D2Loader. Most anti-hack bots dont pick up on C3PO because of this dll. Warden does.


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Ok I see,

So I installed sting's maphack ans is working well, but if I got right what you said, C3PO is another one ? because if it is one that allows me to see champions and unique monsters on the map, then I'm interested.

Unless I got it wrong and C3PO is actually sting's maphack ?


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C3PO is different brand of Maphack, its not Stings or Mousepad. And it allows you to see Champions and Uniques. Hell, you can modify easily what text you want them to display when you get near.

Thats the only reason I ever used maphack: To make speed runs and for 100% kills in each area.


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Yes me too, it's exactly what I use maphack for 'cause the part of the game I like better is doing mf runs in all acts.
Where can I find the 3CPO please, is it on this forum ? And does it have the ability to hide stuff that's on the floor, like amounts of gold under 5000 for example ?

Thanks again


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Sting's Maphack for Diablo II 1.11b

Its useful program for PWE too (you can see IP of game)

1. Compatible with Maphack 5.1. All features in MH 5.1 still work in Hackmap
2. Show IAS/FCR/MF and lots of stats in character window
3. Prevent from minimizing window when running in window mode
4. Target indicators on Minimap guide you MF/pass quickly
5. Sound prompt when enter a game
6. Show game server ip
7. Shows the real Tal Rashas Tomb and Durance of Hate Entrances (Red X Mark by the Door) and Izual's location

Sting's Hackmap v2.24 with source code [389 Kb] (and recommended file)
Sting's Hackmap v2.10 Lite

Dont Forget:
Once you do this setup, you will never have to press "Reveal Act" ever again. It will autoload for you once you are in a game. Just load Sting's Hackmap up, join a game, and it will start working. You won't have to press the Reveal Act Button to start.

The Reveal Act Function was made with no special features; no monsters show on the map, names of doors, or showing of peoples items. You will only see the entire map when joining the game. Because it was programed like this, you won't get banned.

Question: I get an error that looks like this:

Answer: Make sure you are using Diablo II patch 1.11B (not 1.11 or 1.10) Also, you can get this error if you click on the Reveal Act button when you are not in a game. Remeber once you do teh autoload setup, you do not have to press the Reveal Act Button in Sting's Hackmap. Just join a game and it'll start working

Question: When I join a game, I don't see the maphack features on
Answer: The Reveal Act Function was made with no special features; no monsters show on the map, names of doors, or showing of peoples items. You will only see the entire map when joining the game. Because it was programed like this, you won't get banned.

Question: I clicked the Reveal Act Button and I got this message. Should I click "Yes" or "No"?

Answer: If you got this message when clicking the Reveal Act button, it just means the Integrity scanner detected you are using a hack like "d2loader". You can click "Yes" because it justs tells you your using "d2loader" or another hack and that Sting's will install with it. But remember if you followed the guide, you don't have to press the Reveal Act button. Once you join a game, the map will autoload for you.

Question: What do the files in the "d2hackmap_v2.24\hackmap" do?
Answer: These are the files that tell what files to use to load up Sting's Maphack as well as the anti-dectection if your using the Install Plugin. It also configures around the "Reveal Act" functions so it reveals the map only.

Question: When I load up Sting's Maphack, I see a Notepad but when I exit it out, Sting's Maphack exits out too.
Answer:If you see a notepad titled "Untitled - Notepad", DO NOT EXIT IT OUT. I do not know what this does but it keep the maphack running.


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i downloaded stings, did all the options checks and everything, and its still not working. sometimes it doesn't open at all, and when it does, and i go into a game, it doesn't work. when i look at it while im on bnet, at the bottom it says cant crate toolhelp 32 snapshot of process 4344, err=5.

any idea what that means?


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don't know but it doesn't matter now anyway since the 1.12 version has come out, nothing works anymore untill the 1.12 versions of these programs come out too...


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I followed all the steps, but when I click on ''Install Plugin'' theres a message appearing saying that ''d2hackmap.dll had been loaded into the target process but then been unloaded because it's initialization routine returned failed'' can someone help me plzz!


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if i were to load this mh, should i turn off auto load?
or does it matter, i mean if its on longer i will probably be detected right?
i'm new to these things
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