Sting's Hackmap for Diablo II 1.11b - Hackmap v2.23


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Stings is now detectable.
"The Wave" can now detect it.
I don't know how.
BUt it does.
So yeah.
I was banned, along with about 200+ other people.
Like yesterday.
I only used the maphack portion.
Never Iscan.
So It's not safe at all.
That's because you were supposed to REVEAL ACT, NOT ACTIVIATE IT! I have used it on SnEj, which has anti cheat technology and I have gotten away with it 100s of times.


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I know dozens of people that safely use this program everyday. If you were banned for it, than you were using it wrong.


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I underlined what he did wrong.

Reveal act reads the map and displays it, without interaction with the game's other components.

Maphack portion needs to render the GFX for the items, enemies, health bars etc.

You are an idiot (no offense) if you don't understand you were supposed to Reveal Act.