Steam Summer Sale


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I'm not the biggest Portal fan but $5 with the new map editor is too good to pass up.
Terraria is pocket change but that game is pretty much on perma-sale.
But the greatest deal so far has to be Saint's Row 3 for $15.
Goodbye bank account.


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I love these Steam sales so much! I'm really liking the new flash deals they have this year, too. On the other hand, I'm a little sad that they don't seem to be doing any contests to win prizes and coupons. I felt like that helped bring the community together, playing and trading.

What have you guys thought of the flash deals and the new community choice they're doing this year?


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Bought many, many games at a very cheap price. I'm just sad that Guild Wars wasn't included in this year's sales. I was looking forward to buying a cheap set of the Trilogy and EotN. Such a shame there wasn't any.