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Dear BattleForums Patrons,

We are sorry for the -need- of this thread. It is actually hear to help protect you as well as us. We have decided to slim down this section's stickies. You shall now find in here everything you'll ever need to know about Hacking Starcraft, Where to look, what to get, how to be safe, the rules, and even the BF top five sites/programs.

Section I. Hacking

A. BattleForums View
We at BattleForums, specifically the members of the hacking sections condone hacking. We realize theirs a strong want for new hacks. Just because we encourage hacking, does -NOT- mean we support any malicious, illegal, dangerous content.

Hack- To use one's skill in computer programming to gain illegal or unauthorized access to a file or network.
The hacks that we support can be seen later on in the BF Top Ten Hacks. Those will be hacks that add on to a game make it more enjoyable for you. To some hacks ruin a game, and for them we are sorry. We would like to ask that if you frown upon hacking, you keep it out of the utilities section. We strongly believe in the principle:

The only good is knowledge, and the only evil is ignorance.
Open knowledge among a group of people helps further everyone. Battleforums provides everyone with this ability, but they will not take responsibility for what people use it for. BattleForums will not be held responsible for anything taken, done, used, or tried that causes malicious harm or disciplinary action. We strive to keep our forums clean.

B. Blizzards View
In contrast to battleforums easygoing view of hacking, Blizzard -frowns- heavily upon the use of hacks with their games. We have collected a bit of data from http://www.blizzard.com and http://www.battle.net , that will help to enlighten you on their view.
What is a hack or a third party program?
A third party program is any program not made and distributed by Blizzard Entertainment® that can be used to modify, hack, cheat, or alter a Blizzard Entertainment® game. These hacks may include, but are not limited to, programs that change the text color in the chat channels, programs that reveal the game maps and/or player positions, item alteration programs, and programs that cause other players to disconnect from the game servers.

What are the dangers of using hacks?
They can send the program creator your CD-Key.
The hack creator could then use your CD-Key, thus keeping you from being able to get on the Battle.net servers.
This person could also break the Terms Of Use and cause your CD-Key to be muted or Banned.
They can send the program creator your Battle.net account name and password.
The hack creator would then have access to all your items and be able to delete your characters.
They can cause the user of the program to start dropping all of his/her items to the ground and then exit the game.
Thus allowing other users to pick up your items.
They can stop the game from working correctly, or make it very hard to connect to Battle.net.
They may contain Trojan horse viruses as well as back door programs that can grant hackers the ability to remove or manipulate data on your computer remotely and without your knowledge.
We have seen many programs that once they are run, will install a program that sends your Battle.net account name and password to a malicious person who can then access your account. In the case of Diablo II they can then take all your items and/or delete your characters. Common 3rd party programs that have had these types of viruses and/or programs are: map hacks, chat clients, chat bots, and non-Blizzard web sites that prompt you for your account and password.

We believe that if we attack cheating on multiple fronts we can prevent hackers from negatively affecting other player's games. This effort is presented in the best interest of all parties that are passionate, dedicated and enthusiastic about honest and genuine gaming. We hope you understand the importance of this message and will be willing to work together with us in a unified effort to promote the well being of our games and our online gaming community.

Can I create and/or distribute hacks and cheats for your games?
No. Blizzard Entertainment® does not support or condone the use or distribution of cheats and/or hacks for use with Blizzard Entertainment® games under any circumstance.

Please be advised that Blizzard Entertainment is hereby taking an aggressive, zero-tolerance stance on hacks and cheats committed against any games played on Battle.net. Hack and cheat programs provide an unfair advantage to their users, and they impair, devalue, and in some cases seek to ruin the gameplay experience of legitimate players.

The use of such programs is a violation of the Battle.net Terms of Use Agreement and/or our products End User License Agreements. This can result in but not limited to Battle.net account closures, muting or banning of Blizzard Entertainment CD-keys. We are now proactively tracking down all sites that host these programs. We would also like your help in this cause. If you have any information about Battle.net and/or Blizzard product hacks and cheats and the Internet sites that host them, please send this information to hacks@blizzard.com.

How do I report hacks?
Many of you may know the identity of some of these hackers. We would urge you to work with us to eliminate cheating by not supporting people or websites that promote cheating and hacking. We also ask that you not link to such sites or interview cheaters/hackers on your site. Additionally, if you discover functioning hacks or sites with hacks, please notify us immediately at our hacks@Blizzard.com address.
In summary, Blizzard will immediately mute/ban your cd-key or possibly your IP, if it is found that you use hacks.

Let the fear of a danger be a spur to prevent it; he that fears not, gives advantage to the danger.

This fact doesn't keep many from using them or creating them. We want our patrons to be knowledge in the consequences.

C. BattleForum Top Five Hacks
*Working on this.*

Section II. Content of Posts
A. Sites
We realize that sites are a major part of the Internet. Even though this is well known, we do not and will not tolerate spamming of links. If you spam your link for no other reason than getting hits for your site, we will be forced to censor your site. Certain sites have already been censored, if you stumble across one of these it will look like http://www.******.com Please disregard these.

Here at battleforums we cater to all ages. This means that we will not tolerate links to offensive or crude material. If at anytime a site comes up as porn or redirects to porn, it will be censored. If you see such a link, please report it ASAP.

Posting a porn link will cause you to be banned no exceptions or questions asked. If you're caught posting spam, you will be warned, enough warns and you will be also banned. Each of these will be with possible reinstatement, but at a later time.

B. Words
We would like the vulgar word content in your posts kept to a minimum. In doing so we have automatically blocked/censored some words. We encourage you to think of more adequate way's to verbalize your thoughts. "Words are but pictures of our thoughts."
C. Flaming
"Flaming- An insulting criticism or remark meant to incite anger, as on a computer network."
We do not allow flaming of any kind. Be it toward hacking or toward a person in general. We will us our ability to protect other members from the taunts and torments of other members. We would like to ask that you control yourselves when it comes to criticism. At one time we were all new to the game.
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D. Top Five Starcraft Sites.
1. http://www.starcraftsector.com
2. http://www.bwhacks.com
3. http://www.scindex.com
4. http://www.infoceptor.com
5. http://blizzardfortress.com/


Section III. Trading/Buying

The selling or trading of any accounts, be it hacked or otherwise, is allowed. We do not take responsibility for any fraudulent material. If by any chance you get cheated please Private Message: Myself (-Louis-). You may also contact us by the email link within my profile. We will do what we can to rectify the situation. Battleforums will not, I stress will not reimburse you for loss or damages. Any trading is done at your own risk. We would like to stress that we allow the trading or selling of these, but we do not condone it.

Caveat emptor (KA-way-at EMP-tor) Literally: let him beware; let the buyer beware (he alone is responsible for making a bad purchase).
Please be careful. Take caution with online transactions just like real life ones. We leave you with a few words of wisdom by Charles Caleb Colton:

Deliberate with caution, but act with decision; and yield with graciousness, or oppose with firmness.
Section IV. In Closing

BattleForums in general is a happy go lucky place. We understand the need for a set of rules to further the growth of our home. We hope that you easily understand the ones we have. If at anytime you have questions please PM -Louis-.

Thanks for your time.

"Starcraft Utilities Sectionâ€

P.S. Download Anything From This Section At Your OWN Risk!


As louis' replacement, I'd like it if people kept requests to a minimum and READ the details of topics, not just the titles.

So keep in mind: dates, credibility, other posts, etc...
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