Starcraft Photoshop

What do you call a diversion from a diversion? Starcraft Photoshop [v1.0a].

After taking a break from Oregon Trail to make my defense map, and in turn taking a break from that to make this, I give you the first of my 3 maps for this month.

This is basically an ultra-suped-up Drawing Contest, with everything from colors to painting tools: even the godly line and fill tools of most contemporary paint programs. You may now grovel in it's majesty. ;) Read the briefing for more info.

Anyway, this is barely a beta release, so if there are any bugs... nay: there WILL be bugs, and it's your job to help me find them. I already know of a few of them, like the slow-ass fill tool, brush size awkwardness, and a few other small ones not worth mentioning, but I haven't spent nearly enough time testing this to find them all, so try everything! Different colors, brush sizes, painting around the edges, anything! Break it! Smash it! Overload it! And then tell me the results.

Meanwhile, time to get back to work on my defense map, since I'm pretty close to completion for that one as well!

Bolt Head

I'll have to check this out latter, Mainly cause im not sure how you would have it use fill. . . . damn you tux you better not make something i can't figure out.


[COLOR=33DD33]I'll check it out later too, maybe in a couple hours. I'll dl it though.[/COLOR]



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Well, I guess that makes me the first person to try it out....err not really. (See attachment)!

Bolt Head

Boltie? i didn't make it. And ya these forums tend to ad " [1] " before the first peroid on all the files. So if you want to make sure your map isn't renamed then you need to host it somewhere else or have it in a zip file.
Bah, so no one found any bugs then? Oh well, I'll get the next version out with the bugs I found, as soon as I get my D map finished.

Anyway, here's a list of what I'll need to address for the next version:
- Clear canvas function doesn't work properly for individual players (have to manually clear paintings with the "clear" color.)
- Fill tool is too slow (obviously :p).
- Blue paint is in too short supply (since it's P12 units which can't be created with triggers, so I had to pre-place like 400 of them in a little section off to the side).
- No help function (since people are as clueless as ever, it seems :p)
- Forgot to add the victory trigger at 50 points. (silly me)
- Need a place to host the file so it doesn't suffer the "invalid filename" problem from here. Any suggestions?


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Woooo boy you ****ed up that fill system :). First thing I noticed about it was that it was creating units with my color, green, when everything else was pink (I figured that was just a method you used, not an error). After that, it hit the side of the map and FLIPPED OUT, I got tons of creation errors, then the overlords started heading across the map and started going into other players' squares.


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Originally posted by Bolt Head
Boltie? i didn't make it. And ya these forums tend to ad " [1] " before the first peroid on all the files. So if you want to make sure your map isn't renamed then you need to host it somewhere else or have it in a zip file.
Err.. Tuxie. And no, I didnt find any bugs..

Actually the fill system works fine as far as my tests have shown... except if you're area isn't properly enclosed then it will leak out (and try to fill the entire area, which is a big no-no unless you're willing to wait 7 hours for it to finish... assuming you don't hit CCMU in the process). :p

I'm thinking I'll just duplicate the fill tool triggers a bunch of times in GUEdit or something so they activate multiple times per hyper trigger stage. But since they use "Create unit with properties" i don't think I can duplicate as many times as I'd need... oh well. I'll think of something else.

Bolt Head

burrowed properties? Or invincable? If your createing them invincable just set invincablity at the end.

If your creating them burrowed Just have a single trigger that can stock pile them else where and move them. (not neccarrly a stock pile but i figure you can come up with something)
Burrowed. That's how the fill tool check is able to mark a spot regardless of what's already on it (and I can't use air units to mark spots because of the overlords).

And yes, I suppose I could make a stockpile of burrowed units for that purpose, considering I'm already using that technique in my D map for each turret's ammo supplies.


Off topic question: Tuxedo, are all of your maps on your site? The "Use Maps Settings Corp" one? I found: Fishing Game, Kill Me!, Minesweeper, Borrowers, Fire Fighters, Mineral Mountain and StarCraft TV. I know you made a game called "Cannonballs" and I tried to download it on Blizzforums, but I couldn't. Perhaps it's just you haven't made a final version for it and added it to that site, but i was wondering if you had any other maps that I don't know about. They're all very good and I enjoy them, so perhaps there's some others in hiding...
Well I'm working on getting some permenant hosting for them, which I plan to get at the same time I have them all completed altogether (so I can release it as a map pack :D). Sound good?


Uh, sure. It's not like you need my permission, but I doubt you meant it that way. I'm just wondering, because they are very good and I do enjoy playing them.

Edit: Just thought of this, but you probably have too, you should have a map pack and individual map downloads to prevent downloading some doubles. I find it annoying having to download doubles when i get a map pack. :l


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man, if it was war3 u could make pictionary where people had to guess what the thing was. Thatd be cool if u could do somethin glike that for sc.

Any1 know if it spossible for some1 to come up with a string text trigger in the editor like in war3?