Some ideas

Make a Facebook fan page. Not this group nonsense, nobody cares about those.

Bimonthly newsletter once we get some writers.

Take out useless stuff that does not attract members (arcade for example). It servers little purpose and it is too generic.

Focus on Warcraft/Starcraft/Diablo and merge the other forums. It is going to be hard enough to fight for the traffic for those games in addition to the other empty forums that already exist.

Merge subforums for each games. In the event there is a flood of traffic, make them again. Otherwise it makes it look like nobody is posting.

I will think of more later.


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is there a serious discussion forum anymore?

I would like one of those again.

ChitChat is just so blahzay (ha) and is just general hum drum hey hoe.


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I actually will post an official facebOom and twitter later this week