32 [XX XX XX XX][YY YY YY YY][ZZ ZZ ZZ ZZ] 01 01 01 01

YY = Item ID
ZZ = Location from where item is sold


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it wont lead to a dupe because:

- The cube space location (the fields inside of the cube) are always there but you need the cube to access them, or the atleast the quest, and then access it with packets.

- You cant sell items from cube (with packets changes nothing)

- You want get a rollback - or atleast a 1-char rollback, the only ones that can lead to dupes...
Wow, try posting a link to inventory exploit....I want to try some stuff, and if you come up with a dupe, shouldent us BF'ers be able to have acess to it?
Common sense...

Man you guys arent too bright... lol don't you remember the Cube Exploit that put cube inside cube? Durrr that was said to not work as a dupe because the cube only has one buffer... c'mon lets think! If that didnt work and you are doing same thing now do you think this will work??:rollie
Yo xXEcranomicalXx PM me the name of the game your in and the password...and I'll help you....yet again :p ...trying 2 dupe methods with him withen a week :p
LOL, you mean Bungalo's? We gave up, it ammounted to was impossible to do anything with it without getting a c/i or r/d