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Hey guys I registered here to ask a question. (I am UD player)

I played a lot of ROC, and found necromancers to be the absolute death of orc and other undead.

Now on TFT, orc has spirits and rapes UD so hard it makes me cry. I tried lich, and frost armor, and nuking... even sleeping his BM the entire battle, but nothing seems to work in Tier 2 (I mean... against halfway decent Orcs)... which is the only tier which matters, cuz they get expos, and I cant defend mine... creeping etc.

In tier 3, with Aboms and Shees, I can possess his ass off and win, and throw in some wyrms but Orc never gives me enough time to tech... and if I fast tech, I got catapults and raiders eating my base alive.

So Question.

Dark ranger's silence used against their Spirit walkers necrowagon?

Discuss plz, I'll read it all when I get back from work.


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Dark Rangers can silence Spirit Walkers. But Resistant Skin cuts the duration of that down. You are better off sacking them with magic damage or spells.


The real thing to do is don't let the orcs get as far as the spirit walkers. Do an early rush and if you can pick off enough burrows and units you will have an advantage later on.


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Assuming, the orc actually doesnt have brain cells, then you can pull that off.


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I agree with Chris. I recommend you mage them, and don't spend too much time on dark rangers since the duration will be cut down anyway. That way you can spend the resources for the dark ranger elsewhere and this is more effective anyway.