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Ok. i met this person in battle net in warcraft III. she reccommmended this place to me so i came. Is there anyone with the username `sugarsky`?


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7-29-2... impressive. My record on starcraft was 490-31-6.... or something like that. I'm proud to say that record wasn't cheated either... never cheated or disconnected a single game (on purpous), ever... and about "sugarsky"... that's my bot's name.


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You'd prob wanna make love to her too if you saw the messages she sends. She is a dirty bot !!!

/msg <user> hey sweetie. Check out It's got forums for Diablo, Starcraft, Warcraft & over 3700 members! It's great! Cya there!

/msg <user> hey hun, I gotta go. Be sure to check out that link I gave you, me when you get there, my username is "sugarsky". Bye!

uh, i'd also like to take this time to apologize to any guys who saw these messages and came here looking for some pussy or something... sorry about that. Check out and you'll feel better

- scsi


where to find a bot and how 2 use it :p

Originally posted by MaDnEsS
hey where do you get a bot anyways??? just wonderin
Well you can get a bot at right now its the best bot out there only problem is you need 2 cd-keys you have that old wc2 lieing around? or maybe sc? or even diablo 2 lod or something well you need to create the username on bnet then when u set up the bot it will ask you for all the info its pretty self explanitory from there....
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