Petition to make Staff visible to all.

Make Staff Visable?

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T3h Sorrow

"Best ***s on the forum"
The Staff Forums are where we keep all the cool porn and warez links. So, no.
make me a mod so i can dump my pics in there.

you will walk away happy=3


Retired Staff
Lol I remember posting in the staff forum. I felt so cool lmao when I was like 14

I don't know what you guys have going on there now, so it would be hard to say, so I'll go with yes.
Heck yeah. It was a spam pit when I joined.

The heck yeah's not for support of this, by the way. While I'm opposed to any major amounts of user rank and file, some things do need to be kept hidden to organise things.

So it's a no, but I'm going to be nice and not vote that way. I suspect I won't need to.*


Sorry, but poll closed. The staff forum do needs to be pretty much private, and just the fact that this poll was made on the public forums and not inside the staff forums, tips the scale a bit unfairly.
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