Omnirealm RPG - The Dawning of the Age of All Things


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Okay, here's a fairly free RPG I've got lined up for anyone who feels like it.


Imagine that there is not one reality, but an infinite number where anything you can possibly imagine is real. Everything you've ever seen in a movie, or read about in a book, or played in a video game, is real, just somewhere out there in the realities. Now imagine that somehow, the realities have begun to merge all into one: ours. You flick on the news to find out that people have been manifesting sorcerous abilities, that many different species of aliens have been detected, some even landed, that portals are opening all over the world and horrifying monsters are spilling forth. Strange towers and structures are raising from the earth, and everywhere things are changing.

The world as we know it no longer its place is a realm where absolutely anything the mind can conceive of becomes possible. You have to make your way in this new world, you must survive as the realms twist and deform, settling into one massive omnirealm in which all things are real, and nothing is certain.

You can pretty much be whatever you want, from wherever you want. You can be a demon, an angel, a monster, a human, a sorceror, a high-tech military agent, just can't be something like a god, and your intro has to fit into the merging of the realms...the main goal you'll have is to figure out how to survive when everything you've ever known and thought possible has suddenly become variable.

Characters don't necessarily have to interact with one another, but it is certainly possible.

I'll lay out my character once a few others have joined in.


Bite my shiny metal ass!
I'll go ahead and define my char, but I don't think I'll intro him yet.

Name: Acheron
Race: Unknown, thought to be demonic, but due to his abilities is impossible to nail down to true origins.
Age: Unknown, powers enable him to avoid the physical effects of aging, so his age in indeterminable.
Class: Assassin
Abilities: Can control every aspect of his physical form. He can change his size, shape, every cell down to the most microscopic level. By absorbing his kills' flesh, he can add to his own mass and grow stronger and more powerful. Because his flesh is completely under his own control, his cells never stop replicating, and never die off...due to this, unless mortally wounded, he cannot die. Indeed, instantaneous death is required, or else what could be a deathwound can immediately heal. Destruction of the brain is required to actually kill him, and he learned a long time ago from a near miss not to keep a centralized nervous structure. As a matter of fact, his nervous system is spread throughout his body in many different self-dependant nodes that still interlock to form his consciousness.
Bio: The best at what he does, Acheron is an assassin like none other. Able to assume any form, he can infiltrate anywhere, get close to anyone, and kill anything. He's well known where he roams for being the top in the business, and has grown quite wealthy in his employment.
Weapons: He generally frowns upon exterior weapons, due to their inflexibility, but he tends to shape his body mass into a variety of biological weapons that can even imitate nonorganic weapons, but his projectile attacks are generally limitted to hurling acidic or venomous secretions from specialized morphed biomechanisms. Creating something like a firearm would be next to impossible, or at least very inefficient, seeing as he'd lose body mass with every round fired.

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*in but i need to think of a way my char. so it doesn't depend on his universe stuff


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I am Doug Davis, a gun-toting Texan with two pistols and a shotgun. I am overweight and brash, and fearless. His weakness is his lack of intelligence. He was responsible for the Kennedy shooting. In secret, he has developed nuclear grenades for the United States government but, er, didn't really give all of them. He as wielded most weapons before, and is adept at hand-to-hand combat and street fighting.*


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Name: Steve Carrel
Race: Human
Age: 42
Class: Manager of a paper selling office
Abilities: Owns a telephone and is extremely funny. Can shoot lvl 56 fireballs.
Can pick locks and cast lvl 3 invicible and lvl 70 firewall and lvl 5 teleport
Can cast lvl 8 morale boosting aura
Bio: Steve Carell is the type of boss who wants to be everyone's friend and mentor. He imagines that everyone finds him very funny and loves being around him, yet still respects him and looks up to him as a boss and even a father figure. He is, of course, spectacularly wrong — his employees tolerate him at best, and are more often than not irritated or nonplussed by him.