Newbie need help darkswarm


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Hello everyone! Well I'm new here and would like to know whether it is possible to put a darkswarm somewhere on the map through a trigger or something, you can put it through sprites (scmdraft-xtraeditor) but do not have any effect grateful advance


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lol just as planned
try a create darkw swarm trigger or waht you can do is put a defiler there and make him cast it. when he does kill it


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Yes, I would also want to know. How exactly do you get the defiler to cast a spell? I noticed that the computer will automatically cast one if you attack zerglings with a longrange weapon unit, but only once.


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In a special editor you can go to the unit list in Action: Create and just select Dark Swarm like it was a regular unit. Create at (whatever) location and done. I use SCM Draft2. I'll add something to that because everyone falls for this. If you have a defiler and you cast a Dark Swarm and you want triggers to do something with it. Make note that the Dark Swarm does not belong to anybody but neutral (Player 12). So you can't assign a specific trigger to an individual player that casts Dark Swarm unless its only 1 player.