New New Picture Thread


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tonawanda is ****in gangsta soccer moms getting ****in capped *****s


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Me and the gf.


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haha I'm gangster as I can get in abercrombie and American eagle

Here's another one from last weekend, me and some of my friends.

Edit: and when we bang i just flip her over doggy style you know


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Sometimes I look into Jason's sweet eyes, and I can't help but think "this guy is going to rape me one day".

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I need to get a picture of my tattoo..

Got is a week after graduation. parents werent too happy. :(

Dark Mistress

Is a nasty little tart...
Most parents don't approve of most indulging decisions... o_<


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A military friend payed for mine :) He bought himself one that day and another friend's tat.

Mine was $240, so about $500 total.

*looking through the thread, I found that Mistriss is really pretty.