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torrid mind

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oh my fucking god. Im never posting another picture....

and whats up with this "fuck" thing?


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You not love attention torrid?
I dont think she likes guys getting all horny over her pics...But then again, wtf does she expect? This is a forum where younger guys hang out.
And btw, I didnt post my pic here because the girls would get keep asking for my number...



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No where atm.

Never heard/seen a club that has a full service restaurant. Or an actual bar and/or club with fry cookers and styrofoam cups.. Looks like fastfood or shitty restaurant which is basically equivalent when you're cooking.

lol this worked out perfect....well yea you be the judge..

and heres a lovley lady that blows your nasty nosey ass out of the water. God teri can dance. o_O

oh yea also fast food places has these too