New admin..


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God, things really got that bad that roach had to become a admin? *packs up and leaves*


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obviously they did.


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Ëñdlë$$ SûFFërïñG said:
lololololol DM was more ative then you and still is according to his post count* LOLOLOL
Being active and being a spammer are two completely different things, I'm afraid to say.


All tho is wasent all completely spam, like the intros and alll the help he gave, but about 45 of his 50 post a day was constructive, but how could you get 50 post per day O_O;


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Roach of Discord said:
As some of you may know by now, cortalos has recently added me as a co-admin. Scary? Yes, I was just as scared as you. I am here basically to help out with the frontend things around BF...and to deal with any problems that may arise. I'm a very active member of I hope that my activity *and love for BF ;)*, can provide you with the help that you need in the quickest way possible, and to help make BF a better place. I'll be looking out for you all. I've also been working on a project with cort *behind the scenes* the secret secks forum and on aim.

Also, just incase you didn't notice, the CS forums are now on the main page as hopes to drive more attention to it. So yes, it's there's no longer a subsection :)...go visit it if you play counterstrike.

So, you either love me, want to marry me and have secks with me every day, or you hate me. Either way, I'm here to help..and hope that I can contribute something good to BF. Feel free to tell me what you think here!

If you need help, or need to contact me for any reason, you can at or on aim: RoaCh Of DisCord.


Congrats, the world is saved thanks to Roachie