Nagalisk Calling

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Leo smiled faintly, talking under his breath.

"Damn. Never thought the kid would lose his virginity before me."

Leo headed back to his room to do paperwork.


Simon eventually returned to his quarters late at night and he had learned many old battle tactics that could be perverted to suit Gears. He sat down on his bed and wiped the sweat from his brow. He didnt think he'd ever study that hard in his life.

Eventually he fell asleep.

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Leo finally collapsed from exhaustion doing paperwork. Of course, he managed to finish up all the stuff he hadn't done for the past couple of weeks, what with all the combat and training.

The next morn would prove to be a long battle for all of the Marines aboard the Hyperion.


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Simon woke up after dreaming unmentionable dreams of Divinia. He stretched a bit and then got dressed and headed to the mess hall like any other day.

Still, he couldn't help but notice that feeling of forboding in his gut.

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Leo awoke under a pile of paper, at his desk, still in front of a glowing computer screen.

Checking though his stuff, he found that he had a new, urgent message. Opening it and reading it over, his eyes widened.

"Fsck. DREAM MAKER, assemble in the briefing room. We're going to hell."

Leo rushed down to the briefing room, where the Admiral awaited. Soon, the remaining members of the DREAM MAKER team assembled.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we have found it. The Nagalisk homeworld. All of your AIs have been working on that Blackcloak we captured, and we've learned the location of the Nagalisk homeworld.

Your mission is simple. Clear the way for us to get a battlefleet over here. You will have all the Marines for backup. You will be commandeering the Blackcloak, with the AIs acting as translators. Expect heavy resistance. Very heavy. You will not have any sort of aerial backup. Once planetside, you will have to use whatever the Nagalisk have.

However, you will have artillery. The engineering corps is prepping that.

Destroy whatever you can and disable the rest. Primarily, take out their command stations. We need to nutralize their planetary defenses, mainly their orbital cannons, defensive stations, and the planetside ion cannons.

Recover as much technology as you can, as well.

You will be departing in five hours. Katlyn, I'm sorry, but your celebration will have to be cancelled."

"Sir! Permission to speak freely?"

"Permission granted."

"Sir, this will be the best celebration I've ever had."


Simon grinned. They finally found the Nagalisk homeworld after all of these years. He couldn't wait to suit up into a Gear and wreak some havok on the enemy without the aid of sensors or radar.

"Well what are we waiting for? Let's get prepped! My Gear isn't gonna pump gas into itself you know."

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The armory was over-filled with men and women arming and prepping themselves. However, everything went quiet when Leo entered the room with the rest of DREAM.

One of the Marines, near the front, looked at the supersoldiers. Not very many had seen the DREAM MAKERs all assembled, unarmored. He whispered to his buddy, "Holy fsck..." His friend only nodded.

DREAM MAKER suited up inside a restricted area, for their special use, and grabbed their personal weapons. While doing this, Leo gave them briefing details.

"We'll be dropping down in Gears, but conserve your ammo. Once we're out, we won't have any supply drops. We'll be stealing and dealing from the Nagalisk."

The supersoldiers re-entered the armory, grabbing up ammunition. Once they had loaded up to the max, Leo tossed out, of all things, duct tape, and began taping ammo down onto his armor as well. The Marines watched in silence.

"Kinda creepy, isn't it?"

"Not really. I don't mind the attention."

"Yeah, but..."

The members of DREAM MAKER conversed amongst themselves on the squad radio, unheard by the Marines.


Simon saw the frightened eyes of the Marines around himself while getting into his Mark X. They looked at the members of DREAM MAKER as if they were demons from Hell itself. He suited up into his Gear, feeling cheerful. He hadn't been in one for a month now and he was getting bored aside from Divinia's excellent company.

Simon's Gear for this mission was a LAG-42 Ghostrider. It was equppied with pepperbox grenades, plasma cannon, machine gun and an Anti-Gear mortar. This would be slow but effective for assaults because of it's 4 inch thick alloy armor.

"Prepped and ready to go, Chief. Tek is online as well.

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((Mark XI...))

Kate slipped into her slimmer, customized Mark XI. She was all grins and smiles, as she looked at the male Marines undressing her with their eyes. "Poor guys..."

Leo was a blank slate, emotionless as ever. Sealing his helmet with a snap and a hiss, Leo picked up his guns and strapped them away. The Marines had heard about what Leo had done to one of their fellows. Leo had been drunk, unarmed and unarmored, and yet he managed to take down one of the best Marines, fully armored, in hand-to-hand combat.

Leo sealed himself into his Gear, the HAG-00 Apollyon, armed with incindiary grenades, a high-yield electro-magnetic plasma rifle, super-dense depleted uranium gatling cannon, and a pair of shoulder-mounted high-explosive missiles. Its ceramic-diamond armor, while nearly impenetrable, made it a slow, but dangerous, heavy assault Gear.

Kate got in her HSG-87 Tiger, armed with a warped plasma/depleted uranium longrifle, flashbangs and smoke grenades, and dual SMGs. The Tiger was fast and dangerous, armed wih magnetized close-combat claws, perfect for a heavy scout. it wasn't as fast as the fastest, but its guns made up for that.

"Ready to roll."

"All right. Let's haul ass."

The DREAM MAKERs boarded their personalized dropship, which headed out first, followed by Marine dropships.

"Alright, we'll be the first to make earth. The Marines will be attempting to take out the orbital cannons, or take them over so we can have orbital bombardments. But remember, they're Marines; don't expect anything from them."

A bit of humor from the squad leader helped calm whatever jitters everyone had.


Simon chuckled at Leo's joke. He may be serious all of the time but when he popped some humor, it was usually funny. "Yea, can't expect too much from the crunchies. They're not as well equipped but they can be deadly if they gang up on an enemy." Simon said through the Private channel with Leo and Kate. He then switched to public channel. "Alright ladies, listen up. You are to sneak up on the orbital cannons, take out any opposition and take them over. If absolutely neccessary, destroy 'em. Move out as soon as your skinny asses touch the ground." Simon barked through the comm and then switched back to private. "That outta stir them up a bit. God I love mimicking Commander Geans." He chuckled.

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Several DREAM MAKERs could be heard groaning at Simon's prank. Leo merely shook his head and signalled the dropship pilot to haul ass.

The dropship roared out from its bay, headed planetside. As the ship departed, its occupants looked back, upon the Hyperion. Small explosions were rippling up and down its hulls, followed by pods.

"Two Marines per pod, with enough guns and ammo for ten. All headed at various targets."

"That's not all of them, is it, Psycho?"

"Not even close, Kate."

The dropship was quiet after that. Everyone dwelled on memories, and the might of that single ship. Everyone knew about what was going to happen. They were going to commit themselves to the largest battlefield anyone had ever seen: the Nagalisk homeworld.


As the dropship touched down, Simon's Gear was out first. He gathered his troops and stomped off to the battlefield, his radar scouting for enemies. He slowly plodded foreward and looked over a cliff and almost fell out of his chair when he saw a massive army of Nagalisks camped at the bottom. "Sir...there's so many of them! How can we do this?"
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((Eh. All you need to know is that we're on the Nagalisk homeworld. *Cue dramatic endgame music*))

Leo looked around at the mass of angry, hissing, violent aliens.

"Well, we can start by shooting."

"hell yeah!"

Leo and Kate began unloading hot weaponsfire into the hordes of Nagalisk.

"Alright team, there's what looks to be a base up ahead. Let's get over there!"

Leo's guns began carving a path to a base located north of the team's current position. Their dropship lifted off and away, flying back to the Hyperion, dodging hostile anti-aircraft fire.


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Simon's squad charged head first into the Nagalisk lines, his Ghostrider was blasting away with it's guns, pumping hot plasma into the enemy lines. He whooped with excitement and his marines all thought he was crazy. Several marines got swept away like flies by Nagalisks, but their lines held as they pushed back the resistance.
"Shit, the bloody satelite pictures did not lie, the place is swarming with the enemy."

Yuri's dropship was rapidly descending onto the planet's surface. It has been a long time since Yuri suddenly disappeared from the Dream Maker HQs. However he had higher motives. The Russian Federation had other uses for him.

"Pavil, ready the guys we're about to hit dirt."

"Yes, comrade Polkovnik (Colonel)"

The dropship landed rather smoothly. Yuri rallied up his 12 men squad.

"Alright men listen up. We're here to do a simple mission. We get in and dirty and while the Dream Maker is clearing the way for the whole fleet to get here and go all apocolyptical on the whole place we are to collect any information on Nagalisk technology we can. Orders signed by the President himself. Everybody get cloaked, we are to avoid contact with anyone from the Dream Maker program."

Jumping off the ship everyone turned on their cloaking devices. Each squad member was armed with a personalized combat improvement system that included a full body armor, a very powerful micro-processor, ability to share visual and audio information with other squad members and the HQs, a AK-243 assault rifle, Makarov-131 pistol and a standard issue knife. The suits were sealed off, they were sound proof and all the air coming through them was filtered out. The communication package had multiple settings. Long range comm, short range intercom with individual or all squad members and out comm allowing the soldiers to be heard outside of their armor.

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The DREAM MAKERs cut a bloody swathe (sp?) through the Nagalisk forces, smehow avoiding devastating damage. Leo blew down the door to the Nagalisk northern bunker and began turning the Nagalisk holed up inside into quivering globs of gore and blood smears.

"Holy motherfsck, whoever built these suits knew what the hell it was they were doing!"

"Hell yeah, Codop," Leo yelled, tossing in an incindiary grenade and turning a group of Nagalisk warriors into flaming piles of ash. His rifle cried out as he began shooting apart Nagalisk. His gatling cannon tore holes into the Nagalisk-steel walls, cutting down hiding Nagalisk.

"Mm-mm-mm. I do love me the smell of breakfast," Katie said over the comms, unloading her SMG rounds into the mass of Nagalisk outside. "Shit, Codop, back me up!"

Suddenly, the world shook itself to pieces. A new pair of voices came over channel 2.

"Oh fsck, oh fsck, oh fsck! Shit! There's too many-"

"Agh! Fsck! Goddamn, get those fsckers awa-"

"What the hell?! Leo?"

"Dammit, someone just landed a pod on the roof. We need to get up there! Let's move up! Simon, back up Katie! Ryu, up front with me! Everyone else, clear the rest of this place! Let's move!"

Leo kicked down a Nagalisk, turning its head into giblets with his rifle and then rushed forward, calling down a platform-like elevator.


Simon did as he was ordered and gave Kate cover fire. He unloaded hot plasma and depleted uranium shells on the swarm of Nagalisks, yelling like a madman as his guns rang through the air. He wondered who the people in the pod were. "Kate! Behind you!" Simon shouted as a huge Nagalisk Lord approached her Gear.

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Kate spun, dropping her SMGs, the Tiger's magnetized claws tearing through the Nagalisk Lord's shields. Kate gripped the Nagalisk around its neck, deftly twisting her wrists inward and puncturing the alein's neck, shredding its spine. She tossed the thing away, rolled forwards and picked up her guns. She unloaded lethal gunfire into the face of another Nagalisk.

At the same time, Leo's rifle shouted out, blowing gaping holes into Nagalisk as the platform rose. He, Ryu, and a third DREAM MAKER member stood on the platform, re-loading their guns, checking themselves for obvious wounds, and preparing for the next round of fights.

"Tex, re-route power from the servos in the Gear's arms into the legs. I'm going to need speed. While your at it, power down all auxiliary functions for the VALHALLA and project a shield around the Gear."

"Roger that... working on it... done."

"Okay, here's the plan. Kill the Nagalisk, use whatever necessary cover, and get to the Marines. Check on their conditions. If they're dead, scavenge as much ammo as you can. If they aren't, help them however you can. Remember, they're Marines. They can fight, but don't rely on their abilities."

Simon, on the ground floor, back-to-back with Katie and covering the platform entrance/exit, grinned at that.


As Simon grinned, he fired a rocket shell at a Nagalisk Lord, shattering the shield. He then fires his guns, all of them, decimating the Nagalisk Lord and all of it's underlings. Simon reloaded quickly. "Some Marines in trouble on the ridge there." Simon said to Kate, pointing up on a cliff. He used the Gear's built-in jump jets to get up ontop of the cliff, between the Nagalisks and the Marines. "Take this, alien scumbags." He unloads every gun magazine on the Nagalisks, shouting like a madman. The Marines watched in awe.