Nagalisk Calling - The 4th Desert Sword


This is a sequal to Nagalisk Calling. It takes place about two years after it, and the End of DREAM MAKER and the Nagalisk Threat and the rise of the 1st New American Minutemen and various other rebellious syndicates.

Character Sheet

Name -
Age -
Race -
Sex -
Rank -
Occupation -
AI -
Skill -
Appearance -
Personality -
History -
Family -

The Races are as follows;

Human - The average joe, can vary in intelligence and skill.

Clone - A clone off of someone else, is stuck with that person's previous skills.

Android - An engineered human, specializes in strength-related jobs

Cyborg - An engineered human, whom has merged with their AI and combat armor. Specializes in hacking.

The Ranks in the Marine Corps (DREAM MAKER) are;


Private [E-1]
Private First Class [E-2]
Lance Corporal [E-3]
Corporal [E-4]
Sergeant [E-5]
Staff Sergeant [E-6]
Gunnery Sergeant [E-7]
Master Sergeant (Master Chief) [E-8]
First Sergeant [E-8]
Master Gunnery Sergeant [E-9]
Sergeant Major [E-9]
Command Sergeant Major [E-9]
Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps [E-9 Special]


2nd Lieutenant [O-1]
1st Lieutenant [O-2]
Captain [O-3]
Major [O-4]
Lt. Colonel [O-5]
Colonel [O-6]
Brigadier General [O-7]
Major General [O-8]
Lieutenant General [O-9]
General [O-10]

NOTE: Whoever is new to the Nagalisk Calling RP will start off at E-1 and eventually work their way up, anyone else may have their same rank if they choose to continue their characters.

Occupations are as follows;

Infantryman - Regular marines or "crunchies". They are the frontlinemen and the backbone of every army. They can use a variety of rifles and other common weapons.

Thermophile - A pyro-type marine whom uses flame throwers. They are as much a danger to the enemy as they are to their squads and themselves.

Demolitions - The big boom users. They can carry rocket launchers, more grenades than what's legal and other explosive equippment.

Search-and-Rescue - Marines who are quick on their feet and are based on stealth and cunning. They move silently and use light weapons to increase mobility and speed.

Sniper - The Judges, The Jury, and The Executioners of the battlefield. These Marines specialize in ranged combat and are deadly accurate with a sniper rifle. They can also paint targets for missle attacks.

Gear Jockey - A relatively new job. These pilots operate the hulking masses of armor called Gears. Gear Jockeys are given the privelage of a massive array of weapons and armor, but at the cost of their sanity because of the claustraphobic interiors of their Gears. Must be increadiby stable to be one.

Air Support - These pilots tear the skies with thier jet fighters and can take down airborn opponents and also bomb bases with their array of missles and bombs. They can also supply troops.

Combat Medic - These Marines heal injured soldiers while on the battlefield. Are equipped with pistols and light rifles.

AI's are here.

Level 1 AI - A low-class AI put into the average Marine's combat armor. They are able to show the marine a HUD and what is going on on the battlefield with 3-D maps and briefing playbacks.

Level 2 AI - Smarter AI's that have more personality and more functions. In addition to the Level 1 capabilities, these AI's are able to hack into computers and spike into mid-security locks, checkpoints and machines.

Level 3 AI - The most sophisticated AI's. These have the same personality as a person would and are as intelligent. They still obey without question. They can hack/spike into high security machines.

Level 4 AI - Currently under Development.

Time for my character

Name - Simon Codop
Age - 21
Race - Human
Sex - Male
Rank - 1st Lieutenant
Occupation - Gear Jockey, Sniper (When not in Gear)
AI - Tek'Mavik (Tek) Level 3
Skill - Sharp Eyes
Appearance - A tall, blonde haired man. He has green eyes and a slight Goat (Goatee without the mustache) on his chin. He wears Lieutenant Bars on his uniform.
Personality - A normally depressed person, Simon is completely different while on the battlefield. He loves to blow his enemies to smithereens and is usually heard on the squad chat laughing maniacally.
History - The adopted son of Admiral Reginald Codop. Simon has worked for DREAM MAKER since he was 18-19. Early on, he was insulted and ridiculed for being young and inexperienced and was usually drowning his sorrows in the pubs onboard the command ship. He has gained much battle experience and is now one of the best Gear Jockeys out there, even developing some weapons for them himself such as the Particle Accelerator.
Family - Admiral Codop (Father), Divina (Wife) (pregnant with child).

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Way to go Vox! First time one of my RPGs have ever been directly spun-off!

Name - Leo "Blackest Angel" Ervis

Age - 25

Race - Cyborg

Sex - Male

Rank - O-4 Major

Occupation - Cover Ops/Demolitions, Gear Jockey

AI - Tex Level 3

Skill - Strategic/Tactical Genius; Weapons Master

Appearance - 6' 6", 214 lbs. Leo Ervis is muscular, but not oevertly so. He neck-length blonde hair, with the exception of his bangs reaching down to his chin. His blue-grey eyes have been described as "unnaturally colored". Leo's modifications are all underneath the skin, exactly like the rest of the legendary DREAM MAKERs. He favors the colors black and silver, and his uniform, whenever possible, matches that motif. His personal insignia is the legendary Lord and Lady, two swords crossed over each other.
Personality - Leo is quiet and cold, moreso ever since the Nagalisk War. He carries out his orders with extreme prejudice, but is a very capable thinker. His own genius, both on and off the field, earned him the unofficial title of "Weapons Master." Leo has always been the same on and off the battlefield ever since the war ended. No one knows what he is thinking, nor what his next move will be. However, he has shown very little creative spark ever since the end of the war.

History - Ever since the beginning of the Nagalisk War, Leo Ervis has suffered many tragedies. The greatest blow, and the one that many say crippled his career forever, was the death of one of the members of his sepcial operations team. The heroic and tragic death of Gunnery Sargeant Katlyn "Katie" Whamyr was a near-killing blow to Leo Ervis, who for a period of 7 months, was listed as "Psychologically Unfit for Combat".

Family - Unknown; Presumed dead.


OOC: Yess!!! I R Congradulated XD. Since we have at least 2 people we can start I suppose. Katie died? :( She was in the second mission of the campain I made for this on sc...just as a person you need to rescue from the Minutemen. You don't have to change that, we can accomedate it.


Simon woke up one morning and scratched his chin. He was sleeping beside his wife, Divina. He kissed her forehead and then got up and changed. When he was in his civvies, he exited their room and then walked to the mess hall on his father's new command ship the Desert Sword. Ridiculous name for a ship, Simon thought personally. Ain't no Deserts in space. he thought.

Most of DREAM MAKER was either retired or dead. But not Simon. He loved the battlefield. He loved to fight Nagalisks. He loved to pilot Gears. He loved to fight beside his comrades. Battle was where Simon belonged.

Major Ervis wasn't retired either, though the docs deemed him crazy after Katie's death. Insentitive bastards...He loved her! He has reason to go nuts after her death! We could always clone her...but I suppose it wouldn't be the same for Leo. Simon pondered. Cloning was common nowadays. Simon's clone, however was working for the Nagalisks since birth. They eventually did find the Nagalisk spy, but not without heavy losses.

Simon sighed as he ate his breakfast slowly.

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((Nah, s'okay. She doesn't die until nearly the end of the war. Y'know, liche sacrifice for the greater good of mankind.))

Suffocation. Heat. Sweat matted his hair down to his face. His clothes were uncomfortable. Screams. Who was screaming?

"The soldiers."

Why? What made them scream?


Well damn them. Just let me hold you a little longer. Don't leave.

"I have to. I can't let them die."

Dammit! Don't go... stirb nicht vor mir!

"I'm sorry... I have to."

More screaming. Gunfire. heat. Why is it so hot? The air is stale... I can't cool down... I can't breathe. Katie, I can't breathe! Come back!

Leo shot up straight in his bed, his screams muffled by the blanket wrapped around his head. Tearing at it furiously, Leo tore the suffocating fabric off his head. Had this been three years ago, Leo would've thought it to be an assasination attempt... but now he wasn't even worth a bullet. Sure, he had been put back on the combat roster, but no one trusted him. Before she died, he was already suicidal to the point of endangering an entire battleship. After she had died, he was "psychologically unfit for combat."

Getting out of bed, Leo looked around. It was the same small, cramped, blank and empty room. Not quite befitting a Major, but Leo didn't mind. At least it took away the painful empty space. Space that she could have filled. Leo walked into the bathroom, proceeded with his usual routine. Urination, a shower, and then brushed his teeth. Running his hands through his long, blonde hair, Leo looked himself in the mirrr, the same as always. And, like usual, he could never look himself in the eyes. If it weren't for his ID card, Leo wouldn't have even known what his eye color was.

He quietly and quickly dressed in his usual black affair. His color scheme hadn't changed, not since her funeral, the one with an empty coffin. There weren't even enough particles to fill a 1 cm[sup]3[/sup] bottle. The only thing Leo had left to remember Katie by were her dogtags, which, ironically, were tough enough to survive the blast. It was atomically sewn into a black armband that he wore all the time on his right bicep. Leo slipped on his customary tags and necklace and placed his hand on the doorknob.

Every morning he had this fight, this struggle. Everyday he had to psyche himself up, to face to rest of the world. he saw the looks, heard the whispers behind his back. He was a genius and a master on the battlefield, true. But no one wanted to serve with a man taken out of the fight because he was crazy. Had it been a physical wound, Leo would have been a hero. But people feared the mind, especially that of a DREAM MAKER. No one had forgotten his suicide tactic with the battleship Hyperion that, while it more or less secured the final victory, could have wasted the lives of tens of thousands of people and lost the war for the Humans. And no one would ever forget the incident after Katie's death. None of the DREAM MAKERs, Marines, or civvies ever would forget Leo's actions.

Leo walked to the mess hall, slowly, head down, hands in his pocket. People moved out of his way, subtly. No Human who had ever heard of the Nagalisk War would ever stand in the way of the former squad leader of the DREAM MAKERs. Not if they valued the bones and organs in their bodies.


Simon looked up from his meal and saw Leo. He walked towards his friend and saluted. "Major!" He said with a dutiful tone which quickly returned back to his casual, care-free demeanor. "Glad to see you up and running, Leo." He said with a grin.

Of all the people who survived the Nagalisk War, Simon was the only one loyal to his commanding officer. Not just for duty, but as a friend. He and Leo had been through hell together and just so, they would die that way. Leo was Simon's only true friend. Leo had helped Simon during his alcohalic tendencies and his depression. He owed Leo much but he could never repay it all.

"Come on, you gotta fill that stomache of yours someday, Leo." He said with a chuckle.

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Leo nodded, gesturing towards Simon's meal.

"Go ahead and start without me. I'll just go and grab something."

Leo walked over to the line as Simon sat down and continued with his meal. In a few minutes Leo had come back, a platter with a bowl of cereal, a half of a grapefruit, and some orange juice in his hands. He seated himslf next to his long-time comrade. The two were a common sight, as Simon was probably the only one, other than Divinia, who didn't fear Leo for the same reasons as the rest of the human race. After all, they, along with Katie, were the only ones who had seen what Leo was really capable of.

The two sat and ate in silence for the most part, contemplating whatever it is that veteran super-soldiers contemplate during breakfast. Simon, being the care-free one, ended up breaking the silence.

"Do you always eat the same bland thing everyday?"

This startled Leo somewhat. He realized that, for the past year, every morning he had the same meal. In fact, he noticed for the first time in that year that after three weeks, the servers didn't even bother asking what he wanted. They more or less knew what he'd pick. The first thing on the menu, which was always cereal, grapefruit, and orange juice, no added sugar, along with the regulation nutrient-filled pill.

Monotony truly was going to be the downfall of humanity.

"I never really thought about what I ate."

Had Leo had any enemies, he would've died a long time ago due to poisoning.


"Is that so?" Simon asked, definatly knowing the reason. "It's understandable. Remember when I was depressed after a mission a couple years back? I was always having the same drink; fire whiskey. Burned some of the inside of my throat. Had you not stopped me, I would have had no asouphogus." Simon explained. Continuously drinking fire whiskey could burn one's throat suverely.

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"Hmm... it seems that monotony is both man's weakness and his escape."

Leo finished his meal and sat, contemplating the day ahead, of which he had no information.

"Simon... why did your father name this ship the Desert Sword? There aren't any deserts in space."


"That's what I said" Simon muttered. He was wondering about that too. "Seems that he's taken a liking to deserts lately. Says that we should train to fight on desert terrain or something like that." He said. "I personally liked Hyperion myself."

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"Sounds like we'll be doing heavy combat on the ground then... it'll take a while to adjust to a natural gravitational force."

"I personally liked the Hyperion myself."

"It's been two years since we were last on her..."

The last time Leo had ever been on the decks of that ship was for the Funeral of Forgotten Spring, the funeral for all of those who had died attacked the Nagalisk "motherworld". One of the dead, one of the most prominent heroes of that mission, was Katlyn Whamyr.


Simon saw a wince in Leo's eye. "Oh...sorry about that, Leo." He apologized. "I forgot what happened..." He said. "I wish that no one died that day...some of them were my friends. Even if the mass majority were crunchies."

Simon finished his breakfast and Divinia walked in, yawning. She was in her civvies as well, her belly bulged from being 8 months pregnant.

"Morning, hun." Simon said, kissing her lightly.

"Morning, dear, Leo." Divinia said, nodding to Leo.

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((I changed Leo's class from Infantry/Demolitions to Covert Ops/Demolitions. Hope that's okay.))

Leo nodded back to Divinia. He quietly continued his meal, his face as blank as ever, masking whatever emotions were running though his mind. A cadet quietly came by and handed Leo the day's news report, same as usual. Piracy and rebellion was ramapnt ever since the end of the Nagalisk War. The way or the human universe returned to the way it was before, unknown pirates and rebels and terrorists all wanting things their way no matter what the cost.

"So, what's the news today, Leo?" asked Simon while moving over to give Divinia space to sit.

"Sierra squared, Delta squared."

Same sh!t, different day. Nothing had really changed.


Vice Admiral Geans walked into the mess and walked up to Leo and Simon. "Alright guys, The Admiral wants to see you for a mission." He said and walked out of the mess.

"D'ya reckon it's Nagalisks again, Leo?" Simon asked his friend.
"Dont know...We best find out, yes?"

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"Still... no Nagalisk have been sighted ever since the last battle, when we blew Mr. Ugly up."

Mr. Ugly was almost fictional now. A story that mothers used to scare children. But the DREAM MAKERs knew. He was, more or less, the incorporation of Torque, a traitor, into the Nagalisk "mother". Mr. Ugly had no real gender, but used Torque as it's mouth. The thing was kept in an underground complex deep within the Nagalisk motherworld. It was a monstrous and fearsome creature, that was nigh-invincible. Had it not been for Katie, the DREAM MAKERs would have never escaped.

"Ah well... I hope that at least it'll be something tougher than pirates. Idiots are way too easy."

Leo and Simon arrived in the briefing room and sat down, awaiting the Admiral.


"Hey pops-I mean Admiral. What's the deal?" Simon asked, still too used to calling his commander, Pops. Admiral Codop winced and muttered under his breath. "Anyways, since the Nagalisks have disappeared after the Mr. Ugly incident. Instead, we have uprisers from New America calling themselves the 1st New American Minutemen. They believe that Earth has had it too easy for too long. This would be the last mission for DREAM MAKER, I'm disbanding it after this mission. Your objective is to assassinate a Sergent of the Minutemen, codenamed Rust. Killing him will cause mass panic for the Minutemen and might break their spirit. You'll be suited up into Gears, regular Geurilla ones. We're supplying Leo with a modified Calico, Simon, you are getting a modified Flamer, but it doesnt have the long range capabilities of regular Flamers. You need to get in close. Leo, protect my son if he's in a jam."

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Leo simply nodded and said, "Aye sir."

He tapped Simon on the shoulder, signaling that, unless he had pressing business with the Admiral, he should go and get suited up. Leo left ahead of Simon and went to the armory.

In the armory, Leo went over to a door labelled "Authorized Personnel Only." Pressing in a quick series of numbers on the pad next to the door and supplying a handprint, Leo unlocked the blast doors and entered. Inside was a line of suits, cryo-sealed. The Mark XI's. One of them was tagged "The Blackest Angel". Leo unsealed this one and suited himself up. Slipping the helmet on, Leo activated the neural link between him, the suit, his AI, and the ship.

"Well hello there, Major. It's been quite a bit."

"... This'll be our last combat op. You me, Tek, and Simon."

"I heard. It's just too bad. I heard they're moving me to combat operations. What are you gonna be doing?"

"Staying in the armed forces."

Leo went over to his personal locker, right next to his suit's containment device. He unlocked it and removed his personal weapons, an old battered AR-78 and a somewhat-large pistol. Attaching silencers and laser sights to both weapons, Leo sighted them. Perfect. Leo snapped on a larger scope to his rifle and attached one to the pistol as well.

"Covert ops... how long have you been in it?"

"Ever since I was restored to combat duty."


Simon walked into the armory and suited up in his own Mark XI, the one labeled "Koman-do" (If you get the pun, let me know. I know both answers to it). He clipped the helmet on. Tek made the usuall mechanical yawn as he powered up. "Hey, Tek. We got our last mission in DREAM MAKER." Simon explained. "Yea, I got the breifing, genious." Tek said in his cold humourous voice. "I'm gonna get stuck with some wisecrack crunchie in the Mechanized. Let's make this one fun, Eh Simon?" Tek said.

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Leo and Simon walked out of the armory, their figures towering over everyone else. Menacing, and Leo, in the lead in his fullblack suit, with its silver reflective faceplate and glowing silver tag, "The Blackest Angel" easily cleared the corridors.

Simon and Leo went down to the Gear bay. Leo strapped up in his Calico as Simon linked up with his Flamer.

"One last fight, eh gentlemen? Let's go out with some style." said Tex in a quiet, yet gung-ho voice.

"HOO-RAH!" yelled Leo, Simon, and Tek. They boarded a transporter.


((Calico. And the campain I made for this is using Starcraft's Gundam mod so all units on prottoss and terran are gundams XD.))

Simon entered his Flamer Gear and the other squads' Calicos were all at the ready. The regular Calicos had red shoulder pads wereas Leo and Simon's Gears wore Brown shoulder pads showing a higher rank. "Awright ladies, listen up. We're heading to the dropship and setting course for a local satellite. There we will find our target: Rust. Use your Overdrives (Stimpacks in regular starcraft, Overdrive in Gundam SC) to get a speed and R.o.F boost." Simon explained over the squad channel. "Leo, take it from here." Simon said, transfering Squad ownership to Leo.

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((Oops... typo.))

"Go in fast and quiet. Eliminate and retreat. We're not looking for, nor are we armed for, a fire fight." Leo and the rest of the Gears marched onto the dropship as it took off.

"People, think of this mission as that fake sugar crap all them diabetics are using. What's it called? Sweet 'n Low? Yeah, think of this mission as that kind of stuff. Sweet, low, and nasty as hell." Tex's words elicited some laughter.

About a quarter of an hour later, the dropship neared the satellite. The pilot opened up on his comms.

"Ladies and gents, thank you for your outstanding conduct today on Marine Air. We hope you have a pleasant and safe journey. Watch out for asteroids, cosmic rays, and incoming weaponsfire."

The Gears departed the dropship, all of them huddling behind a medium-sized asteroid, their cloaking systems running on full.

"All right, single file, half a klick of spacing. Move fast and don't use your comms unless it's an emergency. Codop, take point."