Most durable Console?


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Lots of people.. Who flips a car onto it then the system becomes there greatest concern?



That guy is lucky it still works..


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of course its the msot durable. its not made out of cheap plastic like the others
Cheap plastic might actually be better, because it might shatter first rather than not shatter and transpose the energy to the internal components.*


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in the sense of a truck running over the system, the metal or w.e it is protects the internal components, whereas cheap plastic would have shattered and ruined them


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PS3 will probably outlast other systems. It has a high surface area, and I think it can take a big hit.

Emperor Pan I

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Sony sucks at making durable consoles. My friend broke his PSP, and I swear he was just holding it. At least, thats what he tells me.


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That doesn't sound right. Something doesn't snap if it's just sitting in your hand. Unless it was an internal issue, he would have had to break it somehow.