Me an solo replay playing human first time


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So yeah, ive been diggin We.Sky and i'm watching alot of his replays nowadays and thought wow human is very cool,so i started playing with human alittle bit.

here is my first time playing solo on attachment(I fu**** up in the scout part in the biginning,and i didnt notice i had so much gold :S i guess its cuz of my lack of lumber)

I obvioulsy cant play like him in a week of play with human. note: this isint an highskilled gosu micro/macro skills replay,im still just a mediocre warcraft player trying to improve:
So i would appriciate if someone took a look at my replay and share their comments/suggestions/thoughts/tips on how i can improve.

thanks in advance


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Sorry, I would get to your replay but im a bit busy right now! If you just started playing with Hu (first week or so), then my suggestions would state the obvious because you probably lack the basics. Play for a week or two longer and then post a replay so we can give you some more advanced tips.


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And the fact there are many threads on this forum. Also, you cannot double post to bump a thread.

What I suggest you do is tell us what you think your strengths and weaknesses are, and so we can help you to some degree. I know you want us to watch your replay and all, but it would be a good idea to give us something a little more to work with.