Make a Custom Arcade Machine Compatible with Blizzard Games


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Ever wanted that childhood feeling of being at the arcade right in your own room? Well now you can. This is a unique and amazing idea to keep you busy for a few days. But, it's not very cheap. This may run you around $300, as it did me. But the outcome is, honestly, priceless. All your friends will be mesmerized by it once you show them.

So what's the deal? Well, the deal is this: Create a traditional arcade machine (cabinet, joystick and all) and play your favorite Blizzard games on it! That's right. Play Blizzard games with a joystick, on an arcade machine! Does it sound too good to be true? Well it's not!

What tools will I need? The tools you will need are fairly basic, but may cost you. First off you will need your Blizzard games. These must be acquired legally and no help will be provided on how to get them any other way.

Secondly, you need a computer that can handle the games properly. Third, you need a monitor (which I’m sure you all have along with your computer), as well as a traditional arcade joystick that you can get cheaply from or Here you can either purchase a single player joystick, or a double player joystick. Money is your only vice. Lastly, you will need building equipment such as WOOD, screws, nails, glue etc.

I advise you have some experience in the wood-building spectrum of life because this may prove a bit tough. But then again, the arcade can be build however you want.

So… is there any mind-boggling programming required? Well, now that you’ve mentioned it… not really. The x-arcade traditional joystick hooks up just like a keyboard and the buttons can be programmed to any keys you want! That's right; simply by plugging in your joystick, you can easily program your joystick buttons to act as a keyboard (follow instructions that come with x-arcade joystick please).

Now what? Well, once you've got your arcade cabinet build, you can easily set it up so you have a mouse and keyboard hidden away.

Now with a traditional Arcade look and feel you can easily play any Blizzard game you want!

Show your friends and baffle their minds when you start playing Warcraft III RoC on an arcade machine!