Left 4 Dead: E3 Spotlight


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Aug 15, 2012
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[E3 Spotlight] Left 4 Dead Summary by @tKeR

Another highlight I found interesting at E3 08 was Left 4 Dead. It was not announced in E3 but more gameplay videos were shown and it looks so far so good! Left 4 Dead is an upcoming and highly anticipated game by Valve Corporation. This game is a unique approach to action survival games. The most unique thing is the online co-op feature. This game was said to be influenced by many of the zombie mods that Counter-Strike games had, so at least we know Valve is listening to their fans.

This game puts four players, which can be played by four players (human or bots) into an post-apocalyptic world that has been plagued by zombie-like creatures referred to as the “Infected.” However, like most cliché action-survival games, you play as a resistance force to the zombies, also known as the “Survivors.” In Left 4 Dead, you are sent though various tasks in which you have run-ins with the Infected, and must help your teammates survive as well as yourself. In this game, teamwork is important in every aspect. The dependency on teammates can be from rehabilitation when injured, or peeling zombies off your back.

Since teamwork is very important, so is communication. Communication will be done through microphone in-game. However, Valve did not want players to not experience the game without a microphone so they have it scripted so the characters automatically speak when if they see some “Infected” or if they have taken damage. According to Valve, over one thousand separate unique lines have been recorded and implemented into the game.

The graphics in this game is from the Orange Box engine and the common misconception is that people think it will look like Team Fortress 2. To disprove this, you just have to see in-game screenshots. This engine also is used in many current successful games like Team Fortress 2, Portal, and Half-Life 2: Episode Two. The Orange Box engine is outdated to picky fans, but I think the experience is what will make this game. The downfall of new games is that they focus too much on graphics, but that is a different topic.
Left 4 Dead is currently due to come out on November 4th, 2008 in North America and November 7th in Europe. It is so far looking to become very a very exciting game and takes advantage of the hot genre, action-survival. Let’s hope the popularity does not overwhelm the Steam system to crash.


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