Jamella's Diablo Hacking Prog. Plz Help ASAP

Im alitt bit new to hacking and am having trouble on Jamellas Diablo Program. Why cant i open my Battle.net Character. I can open my single player, but not Battle.net. Does it only work for single? And i heard that it works for " Open players" Whats the diffrence between open and closed battle.net player and how do i make them.
Thanks and Help ASAP would be REALLY nice


Ok here goes

You know how closed is not ruined? (well it is ruined with sojs and iths but anyway) its because blizzard store your b.net chars on their comps so that people can't hack them. Single tho is stored on your comp so you can do what you want with them

Open is like b.net except you use your single player characters, open is not heavily popular though because many people use heavily hacked chars, your best bet is to get into closed b.net


ya if you want to make a name 4 yourslef do a little closed bnet hacking but i dont no if this is what your gonig 4 if it is gl and be carefull.


Originally posted by hellspawn666
ok ummm single player chars are wat your use on open and battle.net chars u cant hack
umm... you're either a newb or you don't know how to hack. =P