Intro to SC2GG!


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Hello, fellow Starcraft brethren! I’m Dragonsmith22, a lowly peon who represents the bidding of and its administrators. Let me start with a quote from one of our leaders:

“I am here as a representative to the common people, to send word that it's ok to suck - as long as we are entertained!â€

For the uninitiated, Greth is the greatest commentator that has ever lived, that much we can all agree on. Now it is only a matter of time before he takes his rightful place in the Starcraft universe, and by reading this you are already helping him achieve this goal. Casting the pro's is something everyone can do. But casting the primordial form of the Starcraft player is something else. These creatures are not yet to be called Starcraft players, they are something else all together. Some never mature into full human beings, they remain in this form forever. Doomed to be ... A newbie. Join Greth as he observes these creatures and documents their sad and puny lives.

In short, SC2GG is a movement toward integrating SC2 and Brood War players under one roof under the new banner of casual gaming. Although we do not exclude professionals from our site, we encourage them under threat of extreme violence to train the newcomers to become better competitive players.

What do we have to offer?

We have a 1v1 practice league that has just begun among our ranks. Our ladder is designed to reward those who win, yet avoid punishing those who lose. We then take your replays and cast the most exciting ones on Youtube.

Are you a budding commentator who wants more viewership, criticism, and games to cast? Visit our forums and introduce yourself! We have many staff members, myself included, whose social lives have been utterly demolished so that they would have time to review new commentators. Simply post links to your Youtube pages on the new commentator forum and watch your viewership grow into the low-teens in a hurry.

Despite 1v1’s being all the rage, we here at SC2GG like to make our own rules and games that allows even the most unworthy of players achieve success. Our No-Hunters Free-For-All (NHFFA) matches are akin to reality TV shows in that 1. Only one can win and 2. Even the non-winners are rewarded. I know what you’re thinking: exactly how n00bish can a player get before being sadistically executed in the midst of other players? Take the legend of Finale_J, for instance. During Greth’s “The Second Commentaryâ€, Finale_J made it to nearly the end of the 2-hour game with only 4 mining SCVs THE ENTIRE GAME! NHFFAs are built towards backstabbing the most powerful players and allying oneself with the crappiest players, and time has told us that virtually anyone can win. For details, visit our NHFFA rules page: The Official ~NoHunters Free-For-All Rules of Conduct[/url].

Have any suggestions for us? Better yet, do you have any questions for us? Further better yet, would you like to join us?

Introduce yourself on IRC (Gamesurge>#sc2gg). Our administrators are on it practically all the time (as am I), and we love newcomers to the SC2GG foray more so than our own families. Hang around long enough, and you’ll bump into Diggity and Moletrap when they aren’t too busy being awesome.

Lastly, GET ON MUMBLE. Mumble is our primary means of communication. It’s like Skype only easier to manage and we, including the mighty Greth, will be on there to meet you!

We look forward to meeting you!


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Do you take the time to "sext" all new members?


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Does anyone play this anymore?
Excellent question, arkueckelhan! Yes, there are still tons of people out there still playing this supposedly "dead" game. It's not because we believe SC2 is a crap game. Rather, it's the fact that BW is still played professionally in Korea and other parts of the world. We also have embraced SC2 and its supporters to join us as well; there is great fun to be had with this growing title.

At SC2GG, we strive to improve players' skill levels on both games based on their personal preference. And for those who suck too much to get better, we have plenty of casual games and practice leagues going on to sate even the least die hard Starcraft gamer!