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Guns are all fine and dandy, but the Ghost unit isn't really a head-on combatant, at least not when you're going against an Ultralisk. In many situations, Nova will have to rely on her wits and a variety of special abilities to make her way through the game. As a Ghost, you will be able to use many of the abilities from the RTS. In addition to boosting her strength, agility, and speed, Nova's Hostile Environment Suit (HES) has
a cloaking device embedded in it that can be used to hide your position for a short period of time, which will of course be useful to hide from enemies in a pinch or sneak past an imposing guard. The Ghost lock down ability will come in handy when you're going up against any enemy vehicles as you can knock them out of commission. Also carried over from the RTS is Nova's ability to call in nuclear strikes on the battlefield,which will come in particularly handy if you're caught in the middle of a large-scale battle outdoors.

P.S if u read that, it sounds like a cool game, so cool. YOU GET TO LAUNCH NUKES YAY!!

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to add to the excitment...

Vehicles? Did Bill say vehicles? But of course...what would StarCraft be without vehicles? We know for a fact that you'll at least be able to pilot the Wraith flyer and the Vulture grav-cycle in the game. However, the vehicles won't just be for joyriding, and the designers want to make sure there's a reason for you to be zooming around on a Vulture. "One thing we're really going to focus on is that when we want you to use vehicles, there's going to be real reasons you'd want to use it, other than the fact that it's real cool to drive around. It may fit into the mission, or it may be even an alternate way to finish a mission, or may get you some place within a mission that you couldn't get to otherwise," Bill told us. "It may not even be necessary to completing it, but might get you some extra bonuses and cool stuff. So we're really trying to look at the use of vehicles not only as goals in themselves and defining moments in the game, but also as ways for people to think outside the box a little bit, on how to approach certain things they have to complete within the game

When you're talking about a game that combines stealth and action, it's hard not to
make comparisons to games like Metal Gear Solid and Thief. Unlike stealth-action
games like Metal Gear Solid or Thief, Blizzard isn't looking to pit you against the
world. Much of the appeal of StarCraft is that you were working as part of a larger
team, with huge battles where wave after wave of Zerglings overran Terran Marines.
The development team wants to capture that same epic-battle feeling for the
shooter, placing you in the middle of the chaos. "I think one of the things that's kind
of unique that ties into this about StarCraft: Ghost is the fact that we not only are
giving you kind of that feeling of the very high-end single player type of experience,"
explained Bill. "But on the other end of it, by having things like being able to call down
Yamato strikes, and nukes, and siege tanks, you can be part of a huge, major
planetary wide battlefield, where you're affecting, in certain ways, the entire outcome
of big, massive StarCraft scale battles. It really brings that sense of massive combat
very, very well from a strategy title where you're commanding all those units, to now
you taking control of a key player within this massive battle."