I'm a newbie (this is me, my pic)


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Think what you will, that's the problem in today's society, everyone is a cynic. No, I'm not getting "Naked" I was just taking off my sweater. But what else would a bunch of 'rpg obsessed' 'i 'don't have a real life' 'masterbatory scared of women' dweebs would think.
dude you've already been busted. check the thumbnail pic i posted. its a porno shoot. its still undecided if its you or not though.

and if you still dont think your getting "neked" i can email you the entire photo shoot. if it is you, you do show it all.


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Hey guys... give her a break. Maybe it just so happens that she truly is a high profile porn star that just HAPPPENS to be posting in the forums with us losers????? haha... oh yeah, On a related note... I heard jenny mcarthy and pammy anderson are gonna be stopping by later too :) ROTFL


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all chicks who go online that i have meet exept a few have been *itches
most chicks that i have met online except a few have been men.



omg that is such a fake picture! i noticed that backdrop, and the file name, who takes a pic of someone with a bra on? what are you trying to do? that is so ****ing stupid, i think i might save it and put it in my shared folder on kazaa, so all the 50 yr old horn dogs chase her, and rape her up the butt. you idiot. you are so skinny too, what the hell. like size 0? FLAT BUTT DORK get a real dude leave the cool gamers alone.
your right. you want to see what a real person looks like>? i got pics, ill email them indiviualy if you wanna see me, but you dont go posting the pic the first time you post. jeez. that is just noob.

stop stealing girls pics. HAHHA you can go to geocities, type in "pics of me" or something, and find loads of sites of real people. stolen and stolen again. THATs a sure way to find some.


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man.. maybe this chick doesnt like such insults, what is it with most guys, ur hot send me pics, can i fu*k, i wanna fu*K its gets old once u hit 18... im a lil too mature for stupid sh*t like that, leave her alone i think shes taking offense to waht you sai (ur hot send me some pics) <<~~~~gay.


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heh, it's a good thing i'd never post a pic of me......but i highly doubt that was her......