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Warcraft Frozen Throne: Human Strategy Guide

Frozen Throne:Human strategies and tactics

Part 1: Basic strategy,starting the game

There are various ways of using peasants,however the last patches changed them as well as the whole way of playing.

Whatever strategy you use the following is suitable and can prevent hero harrass or early ownage,this has been tried against strongs opponents.

Starting with 5 peasants.
-Instantly send 4 of them for gold,use the 5th to build altar (better closer to the hall later this will prevent losing the hero building quickly) after that for gold.At this time,click from the Town Hall for more peasants.Try to make them 10 or 11.
-Send the 6th peasant to build Barracks,then to lumber when finished.
-Send the 7th to build a farm,then to lumber.
-Send the 8th,9th and 10th to lumber too(you already have 5 on gold using this strategy).With one of them-the 7th 8th or later build a third farm.Quickly build Arcane tower-another good defense against harassing or quick enemy attack.NOTE: put the tower behind farms so that it won't be easily destroyed by melee in the beginning,even make the units impossible to reach the tower(later it won't work against ranged).
-When the first farm has been completed you must have an altar already and Barracks in the folowing seconds too(remember you build them at the same time.So instantly click a hero(see the next parts for what hero).Make 3 footmen at that time (or 4).You are ready to start creeping or even haras because when you have a hero you can have 2-3 footmen already.
-Build Lumber Mill at that time.

When they try to harass, quickly click 'call to arms' from the Hall and attack the hero.Sometimes a hero would try to kill them with area spell with AOE,so the idea is to move your peasants away and aim the hero.In this way the hero will have no choice but to retreat.
Most commonly you can continue in the following way,using most of the units.

Part 2: Basic strategy, mixed units

Continue from part 1...
-Build Blacksmith and here start making riflemen too.If you use footmen upgrade the swords and 'defenf' for tier1.If riflemen ,then upgrade black gunpowder and leather armor from the Blacksmith.NOTE: In order not to waste time with riflemen, as soon as you have the needed resources(having 1-2 riflemen) upgrade to Keep.While upgrading you can continue teching or building more riflemen/footmen.When footmen are good to use and when not you will see again in the other chapetrs.
-Build Aracne Vault and buy a scroll of restoration.It can help you restore your hero,do it if he has low hit points or keep it when ypu have injured units from area spells. Sheep: some good players notice a sheep/critter but a trick is to hide it under a building or tree, you can use the 'nature' of the map to hide.Knowing what the opponent doubles or triples your chance to win.Again see different counters below.

-Now the Keep must be ready by this time.You can have another hero now.Again depending on the way you play you can quickly tech to tier3 or make 2 Arcane Sanctums and make casters.The second is perfect for team games but needs some melee units for solo or other types.
-Trying with casters.Make at least 5 priests from the first Sanctum and upgrade 'priests adempt training' and magic sentry to reveal with the Arcane Tower .Make sorceresses from the second and upgrade them too.The invisibility and later polymorph can save you or you can counter some tier3 airs with the third upgrade.
-In some cases you can use Spellbreakers that can be very useful when combined with any AOE spell and when they steal positive/negative buffs.
-Upgrade the Magic Sentry now you see that your Arcane Tower has another advantage-reveal your oppoent's base.You can have towers- watch tower earlier but making more units is more of use.
-Build a Workshop and upgrade to Castle (earlier or after the Workshop.)
-Make some Mortars.They have wonderful damage (spash damage) because they take a little damage to the close units too(NOTE: if your units are around the splash they will be injured).Upgrade the 'Fragmentation Shards' too.
>Flying machines have never been of any use so you can skip them.They have bombs that attack ground(upgraded) and yet make a little damage.Even creep,make 8 flying machines against two troll warlords (level4) and you will see how little damage they do and that you may lose 4 of them or even more.

-Now you can make knights and even build another Barracks but continuing with casters,now upgrade to sorceress and priest master training.Upgrade the blacksmith all the time and again-if you use more casters then upgrade the leather armor first.
-Tanks would fit to more specific strategies.
-Finally you can have Gryphon Aviary that if the battle becomes so long you may reach .Because I present a mixed strategy here you won't have many gryphons available as the max limit is 100.Teching specially for tier3 airs and Dragon Hawks will be dealed with later.

>>Air strategy:
The air strategy incudes the use of Dargonhawk Riders and Gryhpons (seldom flying machines)
-Start in the usual way (see part 1).Qucickly make some footmen,riflemen (few) but upgrade only what is needed for the airs from the blacksmith.
-Having made lumber mill , upgrade to Keep,then immediately to Castle and while upgrading make 2 gryphon aviaries and several dragon hawks.When the castle is ready start massing gryphon riders.


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Part 3: Mirco (arranging and controlling your units)

-The way you arrange your units is also important.Something that refers not only to human but to all races-always put the melee units (knights,footmen,etc) in front of the ranged.The ranged (riflemen,casters and mortars) can attack from behind and lastly you add airs if there are some.In most cases the enemy won't wait you arrange your units you know.You will be even suprised, when creeping or from the back,from up/down where the ranged can be the first attacked.In this case quickly retreat with the ranged and let the melee attack ,then let the ranged take part.
In every battle it should look like this:
BACK Siege units >>MIDDLE2 casters (priests)>> MIDDLE1 (riflemen ,sorceresses ,spell breakers)>>FRONT melee(footmen ,knights) and ABOVE: airs
-Buildings: mostly towers that you should 'block' with farms for example .If you make many towers (more than 5 is just useless in most cases), never put them next to each other (unless this is a tower rush ),never put them in front of the exit like a passage blockage (an old Starcraft strategy).Make them behind other buildings and scattered, separated.
-Being under attack in your base: Return with your units, back to the base near the town hall and now with your separated towers that attack you can fight .The idea of the towers is because every area spell can destroy towers close to each other .By having a distance when they destroy one tower ,the others may attack many times and the opponent will have to 'jump' from one tower to another (you earn more tower strikes).
Also add militia.If you see that the enemy has many units ,when returning to the base with your units let the militia help too .You will be surprised to see that they can counter and contribute to that a lot especially for tier1 and tier2.
-Controlling your units during a battle.A good strategy is to put behind the injured units and heal them with a Paladin or priest .Then replace injured-newly healed with new injured and so on.
-Attack the injured: Try to attack the injured enemy units ,when you see somebody masses a type of unit ,to reduce the damage they make to your units obviously start with the injured.
-Set the rally point to your hero(s) but later better put them a straight line ,even if away from the base because if you are in someone's and your units come from that away they may be detected by creeps and you lose them .That is when the creeps aren't cleared.
-Attacking creeps: Sometimes you may decide to scout with unit and the unit may encounter the masses of units of your enemy .Then such unit will be dead in seconds .That's why you can attack a red spot- nearby creeps ,even better with dragons .The opponent may decide to creep anyway so such a surprise may result in killing some of their units and making them a good damage .The creeps attack your unit first because it started the attack but when dead the creeps will continue with the enemy units.
-Harass : You can harass with Archmage and water elementals using footmen with upgraded 'swords' and 'defend '.But this works against orc ,rather night elf and sometime for undead harass with Mountain King is also possible.
A good harass with Blood Mage is to cast several times flame strike on the workers and slower the development a lot .Works only against humans and orcs .There aren't effective harasses with the Paladin ,using divine shield but not as that effective .See part 4 for their skills.

-Tower rush ,not so used with humans but also possible.There is a little change from the part1 strategy.The fist building should be lumber mill.Build it and go with some peasants near the opponent's base.Start making towers closer to the base but not in directly in his base.Start making closer and closer.At this time mass footmen and a hero and guard the towers.You can have Arcane vault too,srcoll of restoration and some Ivory towers. Works against another human, night elf, hardly against undead and a little harder against orc.

Enemy towers: some may mass towers.What you have to do is use mortars or later tanks combined with dragon hawks and their upgrade 'cloud'. Even if you have mortars they may have units to kill you,use cloud.

Part 4: Heroes,hero combinations

Whatever strategy you use here is a good leveling.

Blood Mage

Flame Strike
Siphon Mana
Flame Strike
Siphon Mana/Banish
Flame Strike
Siphon Mana
Banish (x2)

I recommend to start with flame strike and siphon mana because with the latest patches Banish had its permanent mana cost for any level This is good when you want to protect yourself from melee but the damage you are done will make it useless .On other units or hero it would be better because you slower the unit and you can kill it too but it works best when with the air strategy so when with it you can choose Banish for level 4 too.


Holy Light
Divine Shield
Holy Light
Divine shield/Devotion Aura
Holy Light
Divine shield/Devotion Aura.

Always have holy light as first to heal units and heroes .For level 4, if you think you can prevent your hero to die you can use the Devotion Aura and buy potions of healing instead, which is recommended .Otherwise without the defense bonus from the aura continue with Divine Shield.


Water elemental
Brilliance aura
Water Elemental
Brilliance Aura/Blizzard
Water Elemental
Mass Teleport
Brilliance Aura and Blizzard (x2)

If not the last patches I wouldn't ignore blizzard but with the blizzard damage cap from 1.13 the whole use of the Archmage has changed .Use him to harass with the elementals.In the past a good harass was with blizzard on the workers but now it's not so effective.

Mountain King

Storm Bolt/Thunderclap
Storm Bolt/Thunderclap
Storm bolt/Thunderclap
Bash/Storm bolt/Thunderclap ..etc

I would recommend storm bolt which is very effective against heroes. You can abuse a high-level hero with blocking him from everywhere with units and kill with storm bolt .A running away hero too. Thunderclap is good but mostly when combined with other spells(see below).

The heroes you are going to use should depend on the game type and number of opponents you play.There are some good combinations which can do well in all types.

-A very good one is to have a Blood Mage as first and Paladin as second .They may want to kill the Paladin-use divine shield all the time .They may want to kill your Blood Mage-heal all the time .You are free to use flame strike if you use Paladin with divine shield and spellbreakers.
-Another good is Mountain King. as second .You need healing for them ,though .Now here's the reason to use Thunderclap.Use it and instantly use flame strike on the enemy units .If the MK is first there would be no effect.
-Archmage and Paladin again to heal the Archmage and again it would be good for Blizzard if not the change.
-Blood Mage as first and Archmage as second- perfect for the brilliance aura that goes together with casters and the Blood Mage.
-Mountain King as first and Paladin against undead.A powerful combination for high level undead heroes.

Three heroes are very good too.The listed 2 heroes combination and a paladin is very good too.
Another very common combination used is Archmage as first, select skills in the given above order.Mountain King as second and paladin as third.This is used by most good players with 3 heroes so it will work.

A good Blood Mage combination with sorceresses.Using flame strike can be really useful.You can cast it in the center of their units or on their casters.A very good combination with slow is that you can cast flame strike on running away units.To kill retreating units with slow,run with your BM and cast flame strike just in front of their units.When they pass they will be either injured or the injured-dead.It works well and makes you gain experience quickly.

Neutral heroes: Dark Ranger ,Panderen Brewmaster ,Pit Lord ,Beast Master and Naga Sea Witch are good but nothing special to use with Humans.A brilliance aura that can affect them or area spell of the Pit Lord like Rain of Fire .But it works better for other races.(See some Undead,Orc,Night elf strategy guides)


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Part 5: Creeping
Like every race you start with green spots then orange ,then red .But you may break this rule if you have enough units-riflemen or up .You know you get experience from creeps up to level5.Why not take advantage of having the experience limit as soon as possible.
Here are some tips: Again move the injured away and select your units to attack the creeps one by one starting from the highest level.
With Archmage ,summon elemental, put it on the front and make all creeps attack the elemental .Again aim them one by one so that you can lose the elemental but not the units.
With Mountain King use storm bolt or thunderclap but only if you know that you will have enough mana for battles with the opponent.
With Blood Mage you can use Banish ,which is suitable for creeps and if you have it or cast flame of there is a melee.
With Paladin send any unit to attack and heal the unit all the time.

NOTE :If you are under attack by your opponent while creeping instantly use town portal or get away from the creeps .The same is if your base is attacked, you harass and need to return because with low hit points.
NOTE:Some maps require different way of developing, like The Lost Temple requires fast expansion,you need to develop quicky and start creeping from the first at the Archway.You can start creeping from the enemy's side too and later from yours but start with the center and the creeps there later with the mines and others near the edges.
Turtle rock requires another way of creeping-use your militia (few) and creep the turtles in front of the map first.Then continue with Mur'guls nearby and later when you have more units directly attack the lvl7 turtles guarding the mines

Part 6: Strategies for the different game types

-Free for all: The strategy for FFA includes part 1 and part 2 from this guide with which you can use all units,you dont know what you are going to face.
-Team Matching(Random Team) and Arranged Team : You have to make a plan with your allies.Leave the others to choose their type-air and melee and you should use casters,riflemen.Use the strategy from part 1 and then continue with blacksmith.Make 3-4 riflemen,upgrade to Keep and while upgrading continue with riflemen so that you can have at least 8.When the upgrade is finished make 2 Arcane Sanctums and make 4-6 priests and 4-6 sorceress.
If you decide to take the melee part,use footmen in the beginning upgrade them from the blacksmith swords and armor and after using Part 1 and having 1-2 Arcane Sanctums,casters,try to upgrade to castle as soon as you upgrade to keep.Even build a second barracks and make knights,upgrade them from the blacsmith and the ‘Animal War Training’ from the Barracks.
-Solo:For solo see Part 7 where the possible counters and ownage is presented for Humans against the other races.


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Part 7: Strategies for Human against other races

Human vs Human: You can make the same as he does.If he uses Archmage you can do the same.He may develop riflemen so the same you should do.Instead of making footmen and trying to stop the riflemen ,make also riflemen and using flame strike and having upgraded the riflemen you may own .But the Human won’t attack without having sorceresses and priests. Do the same make some riflemen and quickly upgrade to keep .Make again 5 priests and 4-5 sorceress and let the battle begin .If they aim at your hero always get him away. The battle should be finished with these units. Just have all the riflemen upgrades and probably knights. For second hero use the Mountain king or paladin. They may use the MK as first too. The purpose would be to use storm bolt and block your hero. Avoid that. Be careful and attack with your bloodmage/archamge away.
You can harass a human with Archmage using elementals in the way of leveling shown up. You must go as soon as you have a hero and 2-3 footmen which works for part 1.Then continue with sending footmen in his base by setting the really point to the hero. Upgrade them with defend and send footmen. Usually against human you should use Blood Mage with flame strike because the militia can easily own your footmen and you can kill them easily with flame strike. If the harass fails return via town portal or by running away and later use riflemen and casters.

Human vs Orc:You know that a possible harass made is sending feral spirits (wolves) which however aren’t a problem,you can send 2 militia to kill them if you find them annoying.Another commonly used is Blade Master.He can enter your base and using wind walk attacks your peasants.The arcane tower is for that-to prevent this.Have some militia and the hero will retreat.He may attack your mage if Blood/Archmage so try to get him away from Blade Master.
Against Orcs when with tier1 you should have many footmen and riflemen.If you try to own only with footmen or only riflemen you won’t succeed.You can upgrade the footmen but you will need riflemen with second upgrade too.Riflemen can own wind riders and batriders easily so this can be a good anti air.The wind riders require Stronghold so unless the orc has taurens using some casters,spellbreakers and even footmen for tier2 together with riflemen to take good damage against the grunts and riders,you can own.First you should aim all your riflemen and hero at the riders. But quickly upgrade to Castle and start making knights.Also use 4 spellbreakers or more to spellsteal Bloodlust.Tanks are good but so are riflemen.If you think you have enough gold for them make 2-3 tanks (first have 5+ knights,upgraded).
Definately use polymorph.The taurens are very strong and with bloodlust they can kill everything-even knights easily .TIP: Aim at spirit walkers who can revive taurens. Select either your hero using spells or part of your units.Heroes: Better have Mountain King as first, Paladin as second if a non-harass.
Harassing Orcs is not so easy. You can start by having footmen, Archmage but this is very hard the burrows are good footmen and riflemen killers so upgrade defend and swords/iron plates from blacksmith. Because a harassment would not end for a long time,support your coming footmen with riflemen, later priests and some mortars. Keep sending units to the orc base all the time.

Human vs Night elf : Something that is not done usually –A keeper of the grove to come with treants.Like every defense, having an Arcane Tower and using militia will be helpful and make the Keeper run away.The same is for entangling roots- aim all the time at the hero and you will make him go away. Other harassments made are with Warden.Shadow strike on your hero and you will need to be away with your hero.Thats why you should have Arcane Vault and have a scroll of restoration.Aim again at the hero to make him go away.Another harassment is with Demon hunter because immolation can damage militia all the time.But if you have a tower and militia the Hunter will have to retreat because the militia can kill him.With Priestess of the Moon there aren’t any harassments that can cause troubles.
Heroes to use: Blood Mage is good because flame strike owns if the Night elf uses mass archers.This is a good way to gain quick experience but make some 6 footmen and even against archers you can use riflemen.The footmen would be better but upgraded riflemen also shoot from distance and with flame stirke all the time the archers are gone.
Usually the Nightelf masses huntresses.You can still use Blood mage to damage them but especially against a Keeper, Demon Hunter Mountain king will be perfect. Have storm bolt and the Night elves have no chance against this hero.. So because every good NE makes huntress, thats why you should have mass riflemen, upgraded from the blacksmith and barracks (long rifles) .Another that you must have against night elves are casters-mostly sorceress to slow and priests to heal. Riflemen with casters can own hyppogryph riders when upgraded and healed by priests but against a combination of both huntress and hyppogryphs (usually they make archers and hyppogryphs) you should have footmen or knights, the riflemen also need good protection. Against chimeras you can use a combination of riflemen and gryphon riders not without 2-3 knights and without casters. So again you can polymorph chimeras so that it will be easy to kill the hyppogryphs.Against hyppogryphs if you develop to Castle you can have some tanks too. They may mass dryads –another reason to have the Mountain king and melee like knights in this case. As second hero use Paladin if your first is MK and Blood Mage.
A possible harass something that I have made is to enter his base so quickly that even the Huntress Hall is not ready.Enter either with Archmage and elemenatals or Mountain king .Kill the hero and start attacking the huntress hall .If you see that they succeed in making huntress, make blacksmith and riflemen and keep sieging them in their base.


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Human vs Undead: Maybe the most interesting battle- Human vs Undead. Something that you can do only if the hero is Lich. Make Mountain King and Paladin as second (always have paladin as second, don’t skip him )and you can quickly kill him with storm bolt and holy light.
The only possible that can be called ‘harass’ is with ghouls and Death Knight or Dread Lord. The MK+ paladin works well against Death Knight as first hero. If you use Blood Mage, this is also good when the hero is Dread Lord. With flame strike you can kill the ghouls who are in general easy to kill.So you will be protected against UD harass.
If you start with Blood Mage and later Paladin. Make footmen .upgrade them with defend and you can own against ghouls and crypt fiends. The undead will try to make mass necromancers. And you must have mass priests too (about 6).Quickly dispell any group of skeletons.Keep the priest away, let them heal away as possible even come closer when you have to dispell but move them away later. You may lose them so have a wand or several wands of negation to take control over the skeletons (dispell them).With necromancers also go gargoyles. Against undead it doesn’t require you to have riflemen so instantly upgrade to castle after you have upgraded to keep. You should have upgraded the priests and sorceresses. and to master training with Castle. Either while upgrading to Castle or before that you must have a Workshop. When the Castle is ready first upgrade the ‘Barrage’ then start building tanks. That works against gargoyles, necromancers and all units of tier2 and below. But what if he masses abominations (not typical)?Make knights too and polymorph with the upgraded sorceresses. Mass frost wyrms: if you know he is going to do that., (by revealing) make 6 sorceresses to polymorph, many tanks and some riflemen even (if he masses wyrms and nothing else or with gargoyles).In this case gargoyles will own other airs ,but if you see only wyrms, you can even use Dragon Hawks and cast the first spell all the time. These are the counters so try to know what he is doing by scouting (revealing).
You can try with tanks and gryphon riders especially if he masses necromancers.In battles with gargoyles move gryphons away and make the tanks attack them. With gryphons (upgraded storm hammers) go from the back of the undead base and destroy the necropolis/halls of dead/black citadel. Then try to avoid towers and destroy the building that the undead mostly uses.
There is no good harass probably Archmage and a quick attack with the first footmen you produce (using this strategy) . But if the undead has its Nerubian Tower ghouls and hero, return and don’t try to make another harass.

All the strategies against races are with using part1 strategy which will do well against them and by seeing each strategy against races all you need is to continue from part1 and use the buildings required for each counter.

Learn part 1 first and from there you can continue with the others that correspond to the game type and races.For replays see wich has nice replays there ;)


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Remember that maps should make a difference on what you're doing, for example fast exanding on Lost Temple, militia creeping on Turtle Rock, etc.


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I added the most common for the playable maps especially for Turtle rock and Lost Temple but if you think there is something to put on other maps something REALLY SPECIAL, (dont make it just to look there is, if there's no special) you can added it and i will edit.

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btw i would never really recomend getting bash EVER until ur level 8.

and why didnt you include the best hero combo? Archmage+Mountain King+Paladin? take a good look at the best human players and they use that order.


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Im done i did the last things.Torubu if you think you can add something more because thats what i understood from your post,do it because i think thats all.Explaining what heroes to use in team games i already mentioned.
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Thanks and im going to renew the information because i will base the whole guide on the strongest players like SK.Insomnia, Fear, Kenshin.Werra and others

It may include some skill changes,some other heroes used ..etc
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