How can i make diablo 1 hacked items permanent?


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when i make an item and use it on a game then start a new game it turns into gold. how can i make these items permanent?


Jesus christ what the **** are you playing Diablo I for?
for the hell of it though, I'll entertain the thought. what are you using to make your hacked items?
probably they will never be permanent because they don't exist in the actual game's database you're just editing your own computers memory to show them. or maybe not, who the **** knows, its Diablo 1.
get bobba fetts trainer, its what I used (when i was 10, and diablo 1 wasnt extinct.)


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id love to help make ur own items but sadly ive barely played D1...suggestion: Get Diablo II...

anyways, when i DID play, if i wanted hacked gear i simply made "Give free hax gear plz" or something, and within minutes id be decked out...try it >.>